Monday, April 21, 2008

What Have I been Doing lately?

What have i been doing lately ???

If there is somebody out there wondering......
Yes, I know you are.... Curious right?
Don't bluff, i know someone out is pretty concerned, about me.
Own up! Or else....


"I'll drown you with my M&M's Minis"


"And I'll get As Bitter As the Dark Choc..."

It is exam period... NOW!!!

And everybody should... *ahem* Listen to future sinseh-to-be and...


IMPT: "Chew On Vit C to get Healthy..."


"Get some dose of Caffeine in a form or another..."


"Have a cookie when you are hungry..."


"Be it Rich & Soft......"


"Or Crunchy & Nutty..."

Just Make Sure you get your staple food, every meal...
Meal Skipping is NOT ALLOWED during exam period...


"Be it Char Kwey Tiaw with Fish Slices...Called Sam Lou~"


"Or Sandwich called Italian B.M.T in Subway..."

Everybody needs their carb~ Mind you, your brain only uses glucose, the only source of energy consume by your brain cells.


"We need our sweet treats stay cool..."

And My friends...


"It's going to be a piece of cake..."

No one says it is going to be easy, but you reap what you sow.
Second week into exam, hang in there.
Everything is gonna be alright.

and Yes,
If you are wondering, did i took all that?
YES! YES! YES! And that's not all,
I had Loacker and more Meiji~ Matcha Fran And Banana Fran.
Too bad, my hp no batt and photos taken ended in Taz's hp.

Yes, exam period is a period to have more Meiji Collection.
Everybody needs their exam boost.

Calories? Who cares when it is exam time?
*Me!* *Me!* The inner me shouting.
Ok, if i'm gaining weight, i'm all prepared, for the weight gain. *grin*

And i forgot to mention Brand's Chicken Essence & Gingko Biloba extract capsule for the extra boost. Hope it did help in my memory and letting me staying awake in the wee hour in the morning.

Two more paper, on the same day. One hour apart. I need grace.

"He shall be like a tree,
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.
Psalm 1:3"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

J.CO Donuts & Coffee @ Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore


"The Heart of donut lies in its hole. Nonetheless, taste is equally important. Here in J.CO Donuts & Coffee, we value both of them. The making process engages the unbeatable collaboration between high technology machines that create the blissfull, and full-of-art human hands that create the precious holes. It's always the same hole, same taste, same quality... "

And so i was led here...


After attending Sunday service at Suntec, I decided to drop by Raffles City Shopping Centre with only one intention. VISIT J.CO Donuts ! It had been on my mind lately and i really wanted to try its donuts after reading many reviews regarding this Donut Chain that created a rave in KL. Good, now i don't need to join in the never-ending-horrendous queue @ Pavillion, KL to enjoy the highly-sought-after donuts.

I wanted to see what's the rave is all about...


Roommie told me during her previous visit to Raffles City Shopping Centre a couple of weeks ago, she didn't have a chance to savour J.Co Donuts. The perpetual line never seems to dry up! Phew~ I was early, wasn't I ? There was only two guys Queueing in front of me and a few more customers behind me. Meanwhile, there were quite a number of tables seated with families and couple savouring their coffee and donuts. It was 11.30am. Snack before lunch? I reckoned.


Left: Why Nut? Right: Don Mochino @ $1.30 each

I bet the waitress disliked me. First, I told her i'll have 1 Green Tea dine-in. Then i requested it to be changed to Don Mochino. When i reached the cashier, I told her that I would like to have one more donut, Why Nut?, and would like it to be taken it away. Ain't i troublesome? I just couldn't make up my mind whether i want to stay out to study or should i head straight back after the purchase. *speechless*

I didn't purchase their Signature Donut, Al capone, as i was craving for some donuts infused with filling.

Let's see what it is all about...


Don Mochino. I felt in love at the first sight i laid my eyes on thee. Not your appearance of the luscious chocolate coating, it was thy filling. On the tag, written "...filled with tiramisu cream...".

Yes, i knew it was you that i wanted.

You didn't disappoint. Coated with mild bitter sweet dark chocolate with coffee-flavoured cream. The cream is very light and not as sweet as those served in Dunkin or Donut Factory. You will not feel a bit of heaviness after eating.

One thing to note. You might not want to attempt to bite this in front of the girl you are interested in. As you sunk your teeth into this, you might ended up with chocolate-coated-brown-teeth unknowingly.

A surprise that delighted the little heart of mine....


Why Nut? My very last minute order. Just because i wanted to take away so i needed to purchase at least two to get it packed in a box.

Premium white chocolate topping with American peanut butter filling. Ooo.. So rich, so satisfying... The white chocolate was a great combination with the peanut butter. The taste of white chocolate was not over-powering and it was a well-balanced taste. Interestingly, the peanut butter filling was not sweet (Dunkin's was sweet and you get sick of it after one or two bites) and the sight of it oozing out of the donut was Soo.... Inviting!!!

Just when i was thinking of Jollibean's crispy peanut pancake...

J.Co Donuts & Coffee
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: +65-63334258
HP: +65-97707770

Note: I seriously think i would lost my way at Raffles City B1, a place i'm so not familiar with *sigh*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Malay Delights @ Pioneer Mall,Singapore

I promise, this is going to be real short. Exam ar...

Despite tight schedule, one still gotta eat right? and so this marked the first visit of mine to Pioneer Mall after studying in NTU for 3 years... (For those who don't know, Pioneer Mall is just a bus away from NTU, a common eating place for most NTU'ers).

It was raining, QQ (my best'ies in Hall) was in class. After some whining over the phone to my friend, we decided to go Holland V area to eat XO Fish Beehoon.

But... But...

The moment i hopped onto his car, i changed my mind due to the traffic and the rain. Sorry... Sorry... Always change my mind not too long after i make up my mind. (-__-)" Sumimasei...

So we ended up with these...At Pioneer Mall... The destination my friend suggested since i never step foot in it before. Better do so before i'm gone for good from NTU. Haha...


The Chille is SUPERB!!! Wonderful... Glorious... Leaving my tongue numb yet my stomach calling out for more.

The ladies fingers looked old and overfried but surprisingly it tasted good! None of the overfried taste neither is it too "old" and with strands of fiber.


No oysters, got mussels. Not the big big mussels, but good enought to satisfy. Not too spicy and very sweet, full of flavour from the sea. Fried mussels remains as one of my favourite dish at any Malay stalls. Who cares about hygiene? Hee...


I must say, this picture doesn't give justice to the taste of this yummy-licious piece of chicken. I seriously didn't what style of cooking when i ordered it. I thought it was rendan initially judging from the display but when it was served, it definitely didn't look like it was rendang *faintz* But it was Aww...Sooo... Soo.. Good! Even my friend who doesn't really take spicy was asking me for the "Kua" to go with his meal. It was sweet than spicy, i can see bits of tomatoes and dhal in the "kua" and the chicken was really tender despite it was fried before cooking with sauce. Sedapnya...

Time to head back to my books. I really can't waste anymore time. Time is running short.


Ok folks, after this, i might be away for one to two weeks. I'm trying not to log in at all, it's being very distracting especially when now, i'm being food deprived. *help*

Wish me all the best~

Sunday, April 6, 2008

IT ROO Cafe @ Kotaraya, JB

An impromptu lunch date on the last day of 2007 with my dearest brother who started working in Johor Bahru (JB) on 22nd November.

I hadn't been seeing my brother for quite some time for now. Our timing are so different. I once mentioned that we always take turn to go home. Hah.

Dear brother picked me up at city square. I was famished while waiting for his arrival. He promised to bring me to the best Chicken Chop served in JB voted by The Star. We parked at the side of the road (mind you, is yellow line) after making two rounds at the place looking for a parking.

Located at Jalan Dhoby. I started to wonder was there a lot of Dhoby shops here last time.

The humble looking shop didn't appear to be any award-winning cafe. A narrow & small shop. Simple chairs and tables. Nothing fanciful. Nothing extra. Very simple deco with old pics and old posters hanging on the wall. Just a very plain shop operated by 3 Malay lady. Did i mention that its kitchen is very small too?

But the dining crowd at almost 3pm justified its popularity.

A simple menu was presented to us upon our arrival. The Award-winning chicken chop was the first item on the menu. The menu is quite extensive (consider the shop is really quite small) ranging from Western dishes, Chinese dishes, Varity of Noodles, Soups and Sandwiches, drinks & dessert. For fried rice, you can opt for spicy and non-spicy. They offer fresh juices, local kopi, tea etc, "westernised" coffee like coffeecino and canned drinks for their drinks menu. They also have ice-cream for dessert. The price is pretty cheap, but of course it's higher than dining at a roadside coffee shop.


IT ROO Fried Rice spicy style @ RM 5.50 & Watermelon Juice @ RM 3.00


Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce topped with fried egg (extra cost) @ RM 11.50

The fried rice is just a plate of very normal fried rice. Not spicy enough to give the kick. My brother even ate with chilli sauce. The famous chicken chop didn't earn my praise. Nothing to shout about. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe i'm not cut for chicken chop. Or maybe i didn't choose the fried chicken chop which is the original version. But overall, it was not that bad. It tasted alright. It was just me wondering what made it to be voted as the Best Chicken Chop by The Star in 2003. Or was it then in 2003 was its glorious moment and it went downhill? The chicken chop was served with green beans and slices of fried potatoes. The fried potatoes was nice. The green beans tasted like canned beans.

The watermelon juice is a little bit too sweet. But it complemented the fried rice and chicken chop well.

Overall, the ambience is pretty good. A nice place to have a meal with your friends and family.

IT Roo Cafe
17, Jalan Dhoby,
Johor Bahru, Johor.