Thursday, January 24, 2008

X'mas Luncheon@CCO

Received an email last week titled "Team Building Gathering" a.k.a X'mas Luncheon on 17th Dec, 10.30am-2.30pm.

I was told to prepare the games for the day. Other than that, the prior itenary would be a team learning session, to fix our broken english.

Event was held mainly in the limited spaced conference room. 14 staffs, 4 student assistants and 1 temporary staff.

Our "english teacher" of the day was Eileen. She prepared a worksheet consist of 20+ Q's with common English error for us. We were supposed to spot the mistakes and correct it.

Subject-verb agreement which operates sub-consciously was brought up to our attention. Sometimes automated operation fails hah.

Preposition that has been forgotten. Unnecessary preposition. Comma before and after a clause. The blur look on many made our director started to wonder whether we were taught of all these in school. Common mistakes like "well-wishers" and "good wishes" was highlighted. No proceed on to. Is repeatitive. Just proceed to is enough. Many of it which were so commonly found in Mediacorp or even newspaper. No wonder they say, language is alive! Unless you are taking about latin...


We had 4 games all together. The extremist, like send out candidates without knowing the category, when we were actually looking for the widest smile, strongest arm, smallest shoe size. A little get-to-know-your-colleague session. AMK won in distant while Swimming & Gyming make your arm strong. Mr.Keith won the widest smile with 8cm width while Chandra only wears a 5.5 shoe size. Amazingly small!

Usual Win-Lose-Or Draw was played with categories like movies, phrases, cartoon characters and drama series/Variety Show. Easy Bitsy for the office. A game they are too familiar with. Not challenging at all. No fun on my side. Haha.

A little Christmas Hunt in the office was fun! A list of items including wrapped presents and Christmas Socks were included. A Christmas pouch was presented while another drew the Christmas Socks. Wrapped presents under the Christmas Tree deco at the main lobby were borrowed (under the supervision of the guard uncle at the lobby) while it was forgotten by another team. Getting $3.95 using 13 coins was a bit too easy for Patrick when $1 coin was allowed. An item both teams couldn't fulfill was 2 Samsung handphones. Only 1 person in the whole office uses Samsung handphone. Careless on our side! Getting 3 stuffed toys was not challenging at all. Having a stuffed toy around has become an necessity in the office. It was really fun seeing them runnning around in the office gathering stuffs, working together to beat the 5 minutes limit. Although both couldn't present the complete list of items, it was of good effort.

The last game we played was Christmas Card Making Session. There was a 15 minutes time limit and the team must sing Christmas Carols while they make the card. The team must send in one representative to present their "creation" and describe why Corporate Communication Office should use the design. You will be surprise by the number of carols (including the lyrics) one can memorise. I observed there were basically three types of people when it comes to teamwork. 1. The leader or commander. 2. The hardworker. 3. The slacker or use-eyes-to-work type. Two innovative Christmas Cards were well presented by Director Tan and Keith.

One interesting thing i observed was, when we were annoucing the winner for the card making session, they started to cheer for their team. This was not seen in the games conducted earlier on.

My conclusion: you will only feel the pride of the card and be proud of your own team when you are involved in the making/when you feel the belonging.

The Christmas Card Making Session marked the end of the whole CCO Christmas Luncheon. I'm glad that they enjoyed the games and we got to know each other better through the games.


Corporate Communication Office Staffs

Oh, how can a foodie lover like me forget to show you a glimpse of what we had for the luncheon?


I'm really sorry because i was busy preparing the games session, that was the reason why i didn't shoot the full range of food as individuals. Some of the food feathured in the picture are Fried Rice, Braised Vegetables with Carrot and Mushrooms, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Sweet and Sour Dory Fillet, Prawn Roll, and Home-made Otah with Okra. Some food not shown in picture are Singapore Style Mee Siam (with gravy), Fried Softshell Crab with homemade gravy and Bor Bor Cha Cha.

It was a simple Christmas Luncheon with simple buffet layout. As many were on leave (year end annual leave clearing season), we were all fed to our max!

A Cuppa Warmth My Heart Away

It's a bright Saturday morning, surprisingly. It has been raining for more than a week now. Most of the time, it will start raining at around 11am, until the next day. From drizzling from heavy downpour, it just couldn't stop raining.

OOps...Here comes the rain at 2pm. Haha, speak of the devil hah!

Had a good night sleep despite waking up at 3.30am, feeling nausea. It must be the cake and milk from the night before. My stomach couldn't take creamy stuff (come to think about ice-cream and cheesecake) since my diarrhoe last Sunday. I think I probably should keep myself away from the sweet bites for the time being.

It has been a really boring week. Day-in and day-out from work. I wasn't in the mood of working out in the gym. Too lazy to go swimming. Feeling even more lethargy with the rainy weather. Just feel like snuggle in my not-too-warm blanket.

Here comes Friday. Yeah, time for a movie. Alvin and the Chipmunks seems like a good choice. Indeed, it was a happy movie. Bring a smile for everyone sitted in the theatre, including me, especially Me holding the sweet popcorn in my hand!

Popcorn does fill you up! It did, at least to me. I haven't been feeling too well, especially appetite wise. Eating a little fills me up. I merely had 1/4 of the popcorn, or slightly more and I didn't have space for dinner.

In the end, decided to have a slice of cake at Coffee Bean. Looking at their cake selection, the cake-gluttony in me was awaken! Mixed-berries Meringue, Chocolate Toblerone, Traditional Carrot Cake, Christmas Pudding and Log Cake etc. were calling out for me. I wanted to try their carrot cake for some time for now but the Mixedberries Meringue is for a litmited season only, i think. So i ordered the meringue. I wanted to try their Chocolate Toblerone as well, but i was going to have the cake on my own. Looking at my condition, i doubt my stomach could take it (no space, no appetite, even for my fav cake!). So the Mixed-Berries Meringue was the only order.


My friend ordered a cup of Hot Caramel Latte which was very rich. I love Coffee Bean's Coffee! Simply delicious.

The slice of cake came with a little reindeer on it. To my dismay, the slice of cake was spoilt, at the center portion where the mixedberries were. The berries was too moist, i supposed, which led to the spoilage of the slice. Brought it to the attention of the barista, they exchanged a new slice at no cost.

The Mixed-Berries Meringue, with rasberry and strawberry (hope i didn't miss out any) in the middle was tasty nonetheless. The layer of not that soft sponge cake in the middle didn't appeal to my palate. The thick and generous layer of creamcheese layer didn't fail to satisfy me. But a tad too sweet even for my high sweet tolerance. The layer of meringue tasted a little like marshmallow.

In case you don't know what is meringue, it means a delicate, frothy mixture made with beaten egg whites and sugar or hot syrup, and browned, used as a topping for pies, pastry, etc.

After tasting the cup of caramel latte, i couldn't resist but to order a cup of non-caffeine drink. Didn't feel like having any dose of caffeine. I couldn't decide to have hot chocolate or hot vanilla. Hot vanilla which tasted more like a cup of sweetened milk was my choice.

I LOVE MILK! i must say... I hadn't been drinking any dairy product after my diarrhoe and fever last Sunday. Been drinking Teh-O from Canteen A. The vanilla wasn't distinct but the foamy milk was lovely. I love the feeling on savouring a cup of warm milk on a cold winter night.

Oops...No winter in Singapore. It's cold rainy night. The warm, closed to hot cup of milk sent warmth down my spine, right into my heart, keeping me warm inside out. I think a cup of warm yummy milk keep the loneliness of staying in Singapore without my family at bay. I always remember my dad would always make me a cup of hot milk (from Fernleaf milk powder) at night when i was young or when i couldn't get to sleep. Missing home again...

Sometimes, things just do not change even after two and a half years.

I still miss home.

Self Enjoyment when I'm Alone

But, I was hungry... and actually i was craving for something...


I couldn't resist my craving. It led me to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. If it was my oldself, before i had the current job, i wouldn't even have the thought of coming to Crystal Jade. I must count everything to the cents before i spend. Seriously, I really thank God for blessing me in every area of my life, financially, friends, church etc. I'm so much more blessed financially than i used to be two and a half years ago when i first came to Singapore.

Digress... That's another story all together. Anyway, served and sitted, the waitress was suprised i was alone. Seldom she sees people coming alone, i supposed.

Sitted and started looking around, La Mian and Xiao Long Bao are the most frequent ordered dishes. Stomach growling. Feeling slightly hungry. Browsing through the menu. La mian was calling out for me but i doubted, i was almost 100% certain i couldn't finish one bowl when i'm hungry. Let alone i wasn't that hungry! Suddenly i missed my eating partner, who could wallop almost everything that I couldn't finish.

After some good 5-10 mins, i sticked back to my original plane. I ordered 姜茶汤圆 Sweet Glutinous Dumpling in Ginger Soup $3.50, served hot. I waited for almost 10-15 mins for its arrival. As usual, took some picture while waiting. Again i took the picture of it before i started consuming it. Hardcore blogger. New found interest in blogging ok?

Here you go...


姜茶汤圆 Sweet Glutinous Dumpling in Ginger Soup came with only two glutinous tang yuan in it. *disappointed* I thought there should be three. Not sure. Never eaten.

The ginger soup was concentrated and slightly oversweet but with a very nice fragrance in it. Nice and delicious nontheless. The ginger soup tasted tangyly fresh and it was brown in colour. I supposed they cooked the ginger soup upon order using fresh ginger (by pounding it?) and they used brown or red sugar instead of the nromal white sugar. The 汤圆 tang yuan was soft with black sesame fillings and the skin wasn't too thick. It was made closed to perfection. Most probably it was handmade tang yuan because most packet tang yuan's skin were too thin and they couldn't hold the ingredients inside so the paste would burst out upon the first bite. This one, you could still chew the QQ skin made with glutinous rice flour.

A simple hot dessert that had won my heart over since young!

It was a pleasant me and myself session. I had a good time with myself, with lots of window shopping and eating one of my favourite food. I love my simple way of life.

Who says one can't have fun with oneself ???

Full entry on this can be found here

The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot @ Tanglin Shopping Centre

It was Yueh Siang's Birthday.

It was officially the second last day of exam in NTU.

But for most of my close friends in hall, we already finished our exams or on that day itself.

We wanted to celebrate Yueh Siang's Birthday.

They decided on the place. I've decided not to look at the $$$ sign as i know it would make my heart bleed. But it has been a while since i dine out with my hall friends. So I just followed along.

We went to......


leaving poor Alvin Tong Xue in hall...

It was a Chinese Restaurant serving Si Chuan Cuisine and also ala-carte buffet steamboat. Located Tanglin Shopping Centre with another outlet at Suntec Fountain Terrace, this outlet was not a place where youngster would normally go. I'm pretty surprised that there was a good dinner crowd when we arrived.

The oriental design of the restaurant with attractive red lanterns, faux stucco walls and Oriental ornaments create the feel of a country house in Sichuan. Simple and attractive wooden chairs and tables complete the look.

P1030207 There were two or three plates of Edamame or the green pea which we usually get in Japanese Restaurant on the table but none of us consume it as it didn't look fresh. We were served with The Duo-Flavoured ChongQing Hot Pot. In it were their famous "Ma La Tang" and "old faithful chicken stock". There were four different sauce on the sauce tray which were sesame oil, sesame paste, grind chilli and chilli with garlic.

The captain (is he? or he is just one of the waiter?? Not quite sure) recommended the "Eight Treasures Tea" or "Ba Bao Cha" when taking our drinks order. He mentioned it was free-flow Ba Bao Cha but actually it was just adding hot water to the cup filled with the eight ingredients. Occupational habit of mine made me looked into the cup and started counting and indentifying the eight ingredients. Hmm... The eight ingredients were some common herbs, Yong Sam Sou or "Foreign Ginseng Adventitial Roots" known to have cooling properties; Jasmine Tea Leaves; Wolfberry or "Gou Qi Zi"; Red Dates; Sugared Wintermelon; Sugared Orange Peel; Rock Sugar and last but not least, honey. The cup of tea tasted good and soothing but priced @ $4.00/cup was a little too expensive for me, especially when i can identified the ingredients and it weren't some exotic herbs or such.

We were also served with savoury dim sum before and in between meals such as fried spring roll, xiao long bao,guo tie (pan-fried dumpling) etc.

According to the "Captain Uncle", there were three magical steps to enjoy the Dup-Flavoured ChongQing Hot Pot which were:

  1. Eat with the Sesame Paste/Sesame Dips. It was supposed to enhance the tastes of the various ingredients cooked in the broth and also to restore the pallate after eating the fiery spicy broth (Ma La Tang).

  2. The savoury and sweet tid-bits (such as fried spring rolls, guo tie etc) were served to cleanse and relive the palate from the spiciness of the Ma La broth.

  3. The Eight Treasures Tea was recommend to restore the body's Yin Yang balance after a spicy meal.

"Orh... " was our reaction after the enlightenment from Mr.Captain Uncle.

P1030209 Thinly sliced beef (for you to do shabu-shabu), fish, chicken, quail eggs and a variety of veggies, all were common steamboat spread. The only worth thing worth mentioning was each person was entitled to one serving of raw salmon and abalone which turned out to be a slice only. Good things were hard to come by...


As usual, Kerry was with his toufu diet...

We were entertained by the person (Mr. Captain Uncle in the picture) who came and refilled our cup. The kettle used was with a very very Very VERY Long spout. It required experience and precision to get the water pour into the cup without getting the spill all over the table. Amazed!

I'm pretty astonished by the amount of food one can stuffed into one's stomach! We spent almost three hours at the restaurant and the last one standing was Steph with Glennis accompanying her. Phew~ We literally ate until the electric heater stopped and we had to call the waitress to on it back for us, cos they hadn't finish eating!

Desserts were limited to one serving each too, they were: Fried Man Tou (Bun) served with condensed milk, Fried White Nian Gao and Waterchestnut Kuih. The Man Tou was fried to its perfect texture: Crispy on the outside,soft and warm on the inside. A perfect match to go with the condensed milk. Fried White Nian Gao was chewy but nothing special. Waterchestnut kuey served slightly chilled and refreshing.

The last item served before we left the place was another dessert item. We could only choose between ice-cream or "Eight Treasure Porridge" / "Ba Bao Zhou" which was served hot. Everybody else went for the ice-cream except for me. I had the hot dessert and seriously, nothing special. The ice-cream wasn't some famous Haagen-Daz, i bet it was Magnolia/Cremo/Walls.

The bill came up to almost $40/person. Personally i didn't think i've eaten that much (even after skipping my lunch) neither did i felt the value of the meal especially when you can get some decent ChongQing Ma La steamboat at Bugis area.

The Magical ChongQing Hot Pot

19, Tanglin Road,

#04-06/07, Tanglin Shopping Centre,


Opening Hours:

12noon-3pm (Lunch)

6pm-11pm (Dinner)

Last Orders :
An hour before closing
Days Closed:
Lunch of Eve Of Chinese New Year
First day of Chinese New Year
Set Meals Served: Yes (Lunch only)
Buffets Served: Yes

Vegetarian Dishes: Yes
Private Function Rooms:
Yes, 4. Accommodate up to 50 pax.
Credit Cards:
Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB
Reservations: Required

Geláre Cafe @ Plaza Singapura

It was a Tuesday evening.

And at Geláre, it's Half Price Waffles Day !!!

Yup, you heard me right, it's HALF PRICE, a 50% off on freshly baked waffles. It's only valid for the plain waffles with syrup and whip cream only. But what's a Geláre Waffles without the all time fav Gelare ice-cream? Furthermore Geláre ice-cream is low in fat content and Geláre sorbets are 100% fat and dairy free. Whee~ Making one less guilty upon eating the ice-cream *wink*

And you know what, i actually forgotten to take a picture of the waffles. Anyway, what we had was a large waffle topped with whip cream and maple syrup and a scoop of Swiss Caramel Chocolate ice-cream.

The combination was simply lovely. Just that the maple syrup not really visible except you can see a few strands at the side of the plate to assure you that there was maple syrup. As usual, Geláre ice-cream doesn't disappoint (except for its Rum & Raisins which was an ultimate disappointment). Its freshly baked waffles was served warm, crispy on the outside; warm and soft on the inside!

Priced at $5.90 after 50% off, no wonder there's always a long queue on Tuesday at every Geláre outlet.


Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon $10.90

I love Caesar Salad! I will always order this if I caught it in the menu. This salad was a disappointment. I was expecting Romaine Lettuce with tiny bits of croutons. There were lettuce and croutons, but it wasn't Romaine lettuce, it was just some normal lettuce you buy in NTUC. The croutons wasn't fresh. It felt like some packet croutons with a heavy aftertaste. Shredded cheese was no where to be found neither could you trace the black pepper. Caesar dressing? Only bottled Mayonnaise squeezed on the salad. I still managed to finish up the salad eventhough the smoked salmon was too salty. I love veggies, what to do? *grin*


Seafood Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce $10.90

Sorry to say, the pasta didn't look appealing to me no matter how much i love seafood pasta. It looked pretty pathetic actually. Serving was small with little seafood. Only 2 miserable prawns and a few, probably 4 tiny pieces of squids which were both overcooked till rubbery texture. The only seafood that tasted "ok" was the fish bites, but it was small and limited in quantity too. After some tasting, we found out that it was actually shark's meat, which is a cheap-o kind of fish-lah. Disappointed. You can taste that the sauce should be some bottled sauce, not freshly cooked sauce. Overpriced, under-value pasta. What a let down!


Frappe Hazelnut Caramel Latte $5.40

Looked good? Please do not be deceived by its appearance. Both me and my makanmate found it diluted and a little yucky. How yucky to be called yucky, you might wonder? Let me described just a little more. Frappe - A beverage made of milk, flavoring, and ice cream, shaken or whipped until foamy. This one, the coffee and the cream part were separated, badly blended. I saw the separation process taking place slowly but surely, right in front of my eyes! Even after trying to blend it back manually by stirring with the straw and spoon, the shaved ice was just too rough and the coffee was just too diluted, close to tasteless. I felt Starbucks' Frappe is better even i'm not a Fan of Starbucks.

"Moral of the story : Only order Waffles and its ice-cream selection when you visit Geláre to avoid disappointment."

I'll still go back to Geláre, but definitely not for its main and salad.

A tale of an Excursion of 6 girls

It was a Saturday.

The first day of Holidays for many in NTU but not us. It was already the 2nd Saturday into our Holidays! WhooHoo... A weird kind of feeling though, because for our course, we always have exam until the last day or second last day of the WHOLE exam period. Those were the days when i was still "mugging" aka studying for exam and my hallmates had already finish theirs. Finally things took a different turn. Hah.

3 sleepless girls - Wan Wan, Chii Chii and Karen, too excited for the outing perhaps.

10am at Kranji MRT marked the start of our outing.

Collage_5 A cup of tea while we waited for the late ones and do our "dirty laundry* " at the same time.

Finally, we got to embark on our journey out of Singapore at 10.55am.

Boarded The Smiley Bus - Causeway Link with 50cents. Cheers for Causeway link with student's price! Reminded my fellow singaporean friends to keep the stub of the ticket for re-boarding of the bus at custom.

Smooth clearance at Singapore custom, but not so smooth at Malaysia side. Whoah! "People Mountain People Sea", it's a common scene on a Saturday morning.

For Malaysian like me, it probably won't take you a moment, cos they don't really care, especially when you are a frequent traveller, in and out of Singapore. I usually just walk through showing my passport without scanning by the officer if i'm alone. My mum will definitely scan her passport.

Struggle to make my way through the crowd to get white cards for my friends. Getting my way back was worse, because i was against the flow of human traffic. Locating them among the crowd was difficult too. Phew~

After a long long wait for an hour, we finally made our way out of the custom with Chii Chii's dad waiting for us patiently. Yu Chii's dad was so kind to send us to our first destination, Plaza Pelangi.

Why Plaza Pelangi, if City Square that's bigger and newer is just within walking distant?

It was because we are going RED BOX located at Plaza Pelangi for K-session. Whoo~~~ Anticipated for this for a long long time. I hadn't been singing karaoke for ages. Really ages. A year or 6 months at least. Finally, i got to sing.

We took the K-lunch package at RM11++ which include one main and a drink. You can add RM2 to upgrade to 1 litre of drink of your choice! Yes, only RM2!!! Choices of food include Yang Chow Fried Rice RM11++ , Curry Laksa RM16++, Executive Sandwich RM11++ etc. You can also add on some side dishes for RM2 only, add-ons are Cheese Mussels, sausages and a few more which i couldn't remember. Choices of drinks available are soft drinks, fruit juices such as orange,guava etc and hot drinks like milo, tea and coffee are also available.

Not in my tip-top condition to sing but i had my share of fun, not hitting the right key, laughing through the part that i totally forgetten how to sing etc.


Collage2_3Celebrated Yu Chii and Yu Fei's Birthday at Red Box with 6 slices of Secret Recipe's Cake.

From its cheesecake counter: Chilled Blueberry Cheesecake & Rasberry Cheesecake, Healthy range: Hi-fibre Cheesecake & No-sugar Moist Chocolate Cake and we also had Chocolate Banana Cake & Mocha Walnut Cake from its creamcake selection.

Verdict: Secret Recipe's Cheesecake is Totally Awesome! So is my all time favourite Chocolate Banana. Surprisingly the healthy version of Secret Recipe's which were trans-fat free were delicious too. But the mocha walnut cake was a little disappointing.

6 girls couldn't finish the cakes. What a waste! I tried my best to eat off all the cakes but to my dismay, my tummy had its limit too. tummy was bloated with cakes. Satisfied!

Took a cab to City Square for only RM6.00 (less than SGD$3.00 !!!). If i used to stay in M'sia, i would say it's so expensive for such a short distant. But 2.5 yrs in Singapore changed me just a little. Because spending in Singapore is just too expensive, for me. According to my friends (as i don't take cab, bus is much cheaper), sometimes hopping into a cab during peak hour without going anywhere already cost you SGD$3-5++ for surchange. So I'm more willing to spend when i'm in M'sia.


Visited Wong Kok Char Chan Ting in City Square before we hit off for our movie, Stardust.

Wong Kok Char Chan Ting is another Hong Kong Style Restaurant Franchise which mushroom all over Malaysia. Similar to Kim Gary, which is another Hong Kong Restaurant, the food they serve are a little bit different. With 200++ items on the menu, one is overwhelmed by its selection. Colourful menu captured our attention but the fear of over-feeding ourselves stopped us eventually from order too much. Each order one main while i only ordered a cup of Hong Kong Yin-Yang, which is a cup of coffee and tea mixture.

I once heard, the ratio of a cup of Good Yin-Yang is 7-3. 7 parts of Tea and 3 parts of Coffee. I wonder is it so?


(1st row L to R: Iced Yin-Yang 冰鸳鸯, Special Golden XO Roll 金包银XO卷,Rice served with Fish and Vegetables 蛋包鱼菜饭

2nd row L to R: Special Golden XO Roll 金包银XO卷, Hot Yin-Yang 港式鸳鸯,Fried Hor-furn with Fish and Vegetables 菜元班腩炒河

3rd row L to R: Cheesebaked Prok Chop Rice 芝士猪扒锔饭,internal of the XO roll, Snow Veg Pork Ribs Noodles 雪菜排骨汤面)

The cup of Yin-Yang is nice. Just nice. A very simple and nice cup of beverage. The taste is not overwhelming yet aromatic. RM 2.90 for a cup of nice Yin-Yang, where can find in Singapore? I remembered I once tried a Hong Kong restaurant which serve the famous Hong Kong Milk Tea, Bleak, worse than the one serve at my home town and im paying SGD$2.90 for it!

The rest gave a thumb up for the Iced Yin-Yang too. So they had high expectatinon for the hot Yin-Yang ordered. But they were disappointed for a split moment as theirs didn't taste as good as mind, or should i say, tasteless. We eventually found out that Hot Yin-Yang is served sugarless, meaning one need to add in sugar to one's liking. This is another plus point, at least for me as i prefer coffee without sugar or less sweet.

I didn't order any main as i still feel really bloated with the previous cakes. According to my humble biology knowledge, fats take longer time to digest and the cakes eaten were all cream & cheese. Nevermind about the calories. I always have the soft spot when it comes to cakes, especially cheesecakes!

We shared a Special Golden XO Roll 金包银XO卷 @ RM7.50 . It was actually an omellette wrapped with chee-cheong-fun, chinese bacon bits, pork floss & some specialty sauce. Simply delicious!

Both the Fish Fillet Cheesebaked Rice @ RM14.50 and Pork Chop Cheesebaked Rice @ RM 13.80 were served in the container you probably seen in Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant. Both looked almost identical to each other until you cut open the generous layer of cheese topping. MMpphh... Yummy! There were three types of sauce for you to choose from: Cream Sauce, Tomato Sauce or Portugese Sauce. Both Wan Jing and Karen chose tomato sauce for their baked rice.

Yu Chun's Fried Hor Furn with Fish and Vegetables @ RM8.20 looked extremely "open stomach" aka 开胃 because of the salivating egg sauce with strains of egg yolk that you could see when it was served. It was nice but a little too salty.

Rice served with Fish and Vegetables 蛋包鱼菜饭 @ RM9.80, something light in flavour and taste for the palate after a whole lot of cheesecake. Didn't get to try but according to Yu Fei, it was nice! She didn't further describe it but she finished the whole bowl of rice, action showed them all, didn't it?

Snow Veg Pork Ribs Noodles 雪菜排骨汤面 @ RM7.20 took a long time before it was served. We started to wonder was it because it didn't snow in M'sia? Ok, a silly joke. Anyway, all of us felt it was over-salty but we were thinking was it because Hong Kong style cooking were all to the salty side? Probably. The noodles tasted a little like instant noodle too. Overall, it was not too bad.

Headed off to the cinema straight after the meal. We were late for five minutes due to the delay in the toilet. Movie started but luckily we didn't miss much, 1-2minutes at most. Stardust was a pretty good movie, worth watching! Highly recommended! We enjoyed the show a lot. Funny yet in depth, a meaningful movie.

Movie ended at 9.15pm. Yu Chii headed home and the rest of us headed back to Singapore with hee-hee-haa-haa all the way until we departed with each other at Kranji MRT station.

A simple yet enjoyable outing. Excursion experience for some. A bonding session for another.

I simply enjoyed the fellowship and laughter we shared with each other!



*Dirty laundry* meaning writing the birthday card right in front of the birthday girl. -_-"


I was back at home over the weekend.

I was told that Sis. Siew Ying is bringing my family out for dinner on Friday evening. She is a close family friend, attending the same church as my family, a caring teacher, someone you can share your thoughts and seek adcvice.


We went to a small tea-place restaurant. It is located way-off the town area of Kluang, hiding behind some shophouses. The entry to the restaurant gave a very nostalgia feeling and so did the interior.


T-time is a tea house that serves an extensive variety of Chinese Tea and Floral Tea. From Long Jin, Pu Er, Xiang Pian (Jasmine) to Chamomile, Rose and Lavender. Each can serve up to four persons and the tea leaves are packed individually into a zipper bag.

Yellow-lighting and wooden chairs & tables, with four individual cubicles separated by bamboo curtain (???). The frontdesk was surrounded with cupboards displaying various tea-pot sets and chinaware. It provides pretty good ambience for an afternoon catching-up yum-cha session where you can spend your whole afternoon comfortably in an air-con tea place.

P1030139 Its specialty is Porridge. They serves a wide variety of Cantonese style porridge. Fish slice porridge, Century egg porridge, Minced meat porridfe, Chichken Porridge and the list goes on. I wasn't really hungry so i opted Vegetable and Anchovies Porridge priced @ RM 4.90. Sis Siew Ying needed something light from her late afternoon tea, so she ordered the same porridge.

Each serving of Porridge comes in individual pot with an empty bowl and a plate of fried cracker. I supposed the thin cracker is served in replacement of the normal fried cruller or You Tiao that we usually eat with the porridge.

P1030140 The Vegetable and Ikan Bilis Porridge was pretty good. It's not exactly so smooth like authentic Cantonese Porridge. I can still taste individual grain in it. It had a generous amount of ikan bilis (anchovies) and veg. Both Sis Siew Ying and myself were wondering what veg they put in it. My guess was Sayur Kayu Manis and Sis Siew Ying guessed Long Bean Leaves. We didn't have chance to ask the boss but i felt it was more like Long Bean Leaves than Sayur Kayu Manis because the Veg was rather tasteless, unlike Sayur Kayu Manis. Sayur Kayu Manis is the normal veg you can find in Pan Mian or Min Fun Gou/Mian Fen Gao.


Mum ordered Spicy Fried Rice, not an order my mum would normally make. Nothing fascinating and it was not spicy enough.

Dad ordered Lor Mee. The bowl was big and so is the spoon. Blended Cili Padi and vinegar were served alongside with the bowl of noodles. It's tasty!

We ordered a bowl of specialty salad to share. Salad - It should come before the main but it was exactly opposite in this restaurant. It was only served when we were almost done with our food, hahaha! My mum's fav, the dressing was mayonnaise but it tasted a little different. I wonder why...


Restaurant T-Time Cafe

Located behind The Cathay Restaurant

Taman Muhibah,

86000 Kluang, Johor.


PS: Mum fried Nian-gao especially for me! Lots and lots of Nian Gao, probably enough to feed 6 was served 4. I forgo the Chee Cheong Fun which eventually became my lunch for the sake of Fried Nian Gao. Yum~ Nian Gao was covered with thick batter made with eggs, flour, sugar and a pinch of salt. Extra batter was used to fried "Bok Chang" shown in pic. What's that, you may ask. I don't have an answer for you. But it's made with egg, sugar and flour. It can be made into savoury version by replacing sugar with salt and add in condiments like ikan billis (anchovies), spring onion, onions etc as you wish.

Collage2_2Three of us (mum, dad and I) attended Johore Kah Yin Association Fall(season) Celebration at Cin Cin Restaurant on Sunday. Cin Cin Restaurant is a well knowned restaurant for over 20 years which serves their famous Pi Pa Duck with sour plum sauce. Absolutely yummy! It is a dish that i eat from young. A dish that will make its appearance in every function held in the restaurant, wedding/birthday/association dinner.

The practice of starting all events on time is observed by Kah Yin Association and this is commentable. Mum & her association kakis presented 3 songs on stage, including one hakka Mountain Song.

Collage5 Visited Uncle Chong and Aunty Siew Siew, our old neighbour. Uncle Chong injured his back and the inflammation was all the way from the back to his left hand. Sometimes he can feel the numbness and the pull. Currently Aunty Siew Siew is taking care of Siew Siew Jie Jie's two kids. The younger one is still a 2 or 3 months old infant. Really cute and adorable! Look exactly like Uncle Chong.

With two three more homecooked meals, Tuesday lunch at home marked the end of my trip back home. Ate a lot of Foodie every time i'm back at home, for my motto when i'm back at home is.

" 吃了再算!"

"Eat first Think later"

I'm a Happy Girl~ Suki Sushi Buffet@Cineleisure

Recently, I mean this semester, i've got more chances to step in decent restaurants.

In year 1, I hardly stepped into a restaurant or a cinema.

To recall, i think i only went to eat in a restaurant once with QQ, YT, Kerry in the entire academic year! Serious!

Time passed and i'm already in my third year in NTU, life has changed. Not much, but surely for the better.

Now i wonder, is it me? Or my friends? Or just me being well taken care of?

This reminded me of a print on a Tee i saw today. "I'm not Spoilt, I'm just being well taken care of!" Hmm... A phrase well said? Or just an excuse?

But for my "improved" life, i guess probably is the latter two.

With more friends around me, more birthdays to celebrate, more reasons to eat out.

With friends who care whether you have taken your meal.

With friendship built up over-time, hanging out and spending time with each other is vital. Be it during term time (which is seldom for us due to extremely packed schedule) or after exam. For a bunch of girls not into retail therapy, what else besides food ???

Maybe is because i work a little here and there, thus i can afford a little pleasure in life. Sometimes. Just occassionally.

P1030122 This is the 2nd Official Outing for The Six Girl Gang. Woahaha, a new name i thought of while typing this. 1st Outing was on 1st Oct, after our 《伤寒》exam. This time, was after our 《金匮要略》exam. Exam officially ended for us yesterday but all were too tired to go out. Both 1st & 2nd outing, we ate Japanese food.

Whoo~ I want to classify Japanese Food under my Fav Food Category and since my study here in Singapore, it slowly becomes one of my comfort food besides cakes and choc.

But when is a all girls outing, be ready to wait or be late! *grin* But all of us didn't mean to be late. Only YuChun turned up early cos she forgot about the meet up time agreed on yesterday. Everyone turned up late, yet almost at the same time.


We had a lot of food. Because it was a buffet so i won't go into details. These are some of the items we had.

1st row L to R : Salmon & Maguro Sashimi, Tai & dunno what Sashimi, Hana Maki (Salmon Wrapped sushi topped with mayo and ebikko)

2nd row: Ikura Sushi, Chuka Wakame (seaweed), shisamo

3rd row: Fried Ika (squid), Ajitsuke Idako (squid), and forgot-the-name some kind of pea, quite nice

Some other items we had were Chuka Kurage (Jellyfish) , Chuka Hotate (Clamshell meat), Fried Salmon Skin, Baked scallop with tomato and cheese, Chawamushi, Tuna Mayo Inari Sushi, Ebi Sushi, Unagi Sushi, Salmon Sushi, California Hand Roll, Fried Tofu, Cold Tofu and one more tofu dish which i couldn't remember, Kushiage (fried potato), Ebikko Sushi, Soft Shell Crab, Mini Cream Puff and Fruits.

It may sound a lot, but there were 6 of us. We only request one serving for most of the items listed except those tofu dishes and sashimi.

Oh, did i mentioned we get free-flow drinks too? Beverages ranging from fruit juices to hot green tea, but all of us opted the hot green tea.



We were having a good time eating and chit-chating. Talking nonsense, laughing at each other. Eat and eat and eat until peng, tummy bloated, almost couldn't straighten my back!

The conveyor belt behaved strangely, it was slow-fast-slow-fast. One can notice the change of speed through the movement of the sushi place. One has to be alert and act fast to "catch" the sushi plate you want when it's moving really fast. We came to the conclusion that the speed is controlled by the management to control the flow of sushi in and out of the kitchen.

One interesting event to highlight is, we saw FLYING MINI CREAM PUFF!!! The conveyor belt was moving in such a high speed and our dear Yu Chii couldn't decide whether she wanted another plate of creampuff. By the time she decided, the creampuff was already moving away from her. In order to catch it, she stretched our her mighty hand towards the plate, caught hold of the plate, lifted it up and "Kong", the plate knock on the cover of the next sushi plate, her hand trembled a little and the mini creampuffs FLEW! 4 creampuffs on a plate, left with only 1. Yu Chun with her "alien" superpower, swiftly caught hold of the other two mini creampuffs with her bare hand before it went disappeared along the conveyor belt. We were laughing our heads off while holding to our bloated tummies!

Service? Photo tells it all...


Too few waiters and waitresses to serve so many tables.

Orders tend to be a very slow or they might even forgot all about it. Hand roll was done terribly, the seaweed almost came off! Nothing worth commenting but i must say they serve quite good tofu dishes. Environment? A very noisy background but we were equally noisy as well.

Overall, not too bad for low-budget student like us. At least i get to eat my sashimi, free-flow. Paying around $21 after tax, with students that made up of most of the patrons, i'm not surprise with the service we get. Will we still come back? I think we probably going somewhere else to try oher food since we seldom dine out.

Suki Sushi

8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #04-02 Singapore 239695
Tel: 6737 9608
Fax: 6737 2605

Buffet available all day from 12pm - 5.30pm
(all $1.80 - $4.90 items only. Last order at 5.00pm)
Adults$ 20.90++
Students/Senior Citizens$ 17.90++
Kids (below 10yrs old)$ 10.90++
Additional $1.00 for weekends. Price before tax & 7% GST

Free flow of Juices (Deserts not included in buffet)



Did we enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day?

I bet we did, at least for me. We were having fun with all the little things in store. It's so fun to just hang out with the friends you love, spending time together, laugh and giggle non-stop while creating memories that can last forever.

That's why i came back hall a happy girl.

Sakae Sushi @ The Frontier Community Club

A recent visit to Sakae indicating my crave for Jap Food is getting more severe. Be it during plant bio lecture early in the morning or TCM lectures late in the afternoon. My mind is flashing with the picture of yummy-licious sushi, sashimi, bento....

I especially missed the Deluxe Bento by Sakae Sushi. I only time i tried it was in March, my first or second visit to Sakae. It was a treat from my cousin sister who started working in Singapore. I immediately fell in love with the particular bento set. It came with unagi that melts in your mouth and 3 other dishes including, Ajitsuke Idako (Baby Octopus), Inoki Niku Maki (golden mushroom wrapped in thin beef slice) and a soup with egg and some other ingredients which i couldn't remember. Served together with miso soup and watermelon, it was the best i've tasted then.

The crave for the bento set was too strong and i was drawn to the nearest Sakae Sushi, located right beside Jurong Community Library. Coincidentally, Sakae changed their menu on the day of my visit. Greeted by the newly printed menu, with pictures of varieties of sushi captured in vibrant colours.

To my horror, i couldn't find my Deluxe Bento!!!~ *scream* How could it be??? I found a Deluxe Bento featured in the menu but it didn't look like the one i had. One can tell the difference from the picture. Dream shattered in an instant.

Suddenly i'm lost.

I didn't know what to call for.

I just wanted my Deluxe Bento...

The computerised ordering system showed the Deluxe Bento that i wanted, but i doubted. Yet that was my order. I didn't want to give up.

My heart longed for thee...

I was disappointed...


Deluxe Bento $ 16.99

It turned out to be what i expected. It was the NEW deluxe bento. No Unagi. No Inoku Niku Maki. No watermelon. Only Chicken Karage. Fried Cod Fish. A few slices of sashimi. Yasai Tempura and a serving of Daikon Salad (eaten all by me, blue empty plate as shown). Diluter miso soup was served.

I want my Original Deluxe Bento.

Craving not satisfied.

To comfort the disappointed me, my friend ordered a number of other dished including my fav salmon sashimi and Inoki Niku Maki. Appreciated.


Enoki Niku Maki $ 6.99


Ikura Sushi $ 6.99

I was thinking of Ikura due to recent blog reading on Ikura Salmon Pasta in early November in boo_licious's blog. Been wondering what's Ikura which i later found out that's Salmon Roe and how it tastes like.

My friend told me that Ikura Sushi should be eaten in one mouth??! So that one can feel the salmon roe burst in your mouth and it will wash your mouth like a refreshing feel of seawater. Both of us didn't experience it. We deduce that the Ikura is not fresh.

If you really want to taste the freshest Ikura, go Hokkaido. *wink*


Due to my disappointment over the bento, i filled the emptiness with dessert~ Who can resist pretty looking dessert? I can't, especially when it's ice-cream *grin*

Apple Sensation $ 6.90

P1020770Ordered Apple Sensation. Pretty apple-looking Ice-cream, covered with white chocolate painted using edible red colouring. The stalk was made with mint flavour dark chocolate and the core was chocolate truffle. You might mistaken the core of the "apple" as rotten.

Apple flavoured ice-cream was truly refreshing and it led us to order another two more ice-cream. A chocolate flavoured ice-cream with vanilla ice-cream core and Pear XX something something. It was a pear-flavoured ice-cream with chocolate truffle core, similar to the Apple Sensation.

The Front Community Club
60 Jurong West Central 3
Tel: 6792 2806

Opening Hours:
11.30am - 10.00pm daily

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fish & Co. @ Suntec Fountain Terrace

Got a little treat from a friend from being a good emcee last Friday. Initial deal was a slice of Cheese Cake (Ummph...Drool...) but decided to have an early dinner (staple food) after Sunday service, to attend to my books which were calling out to me in hall.

Me being home-grown child, i'm taught about healthy diet and "brain food" which is important for ME! especially during exam...

"Brain food:

Some regular food items are rich sources of substances with alleged nootropic benefits:

  • Nuts, in particular walnuts, are rich sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of omega-3 fatty acid. A mixture of walnuts served with dried fruit pieces is known in some regions as student food (orig. German: Studentenfutter) and is there popularily recommended as a snack for students and other mental workers.

  • Oily fish, such as salmon or fresh tuna (not tuna canned in oil) are also good sources of omega-3 fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, whose lack in diet has been associated with increased risk of mental illnesses such as depression, aggressive behavior, schizophrenia, or hyper-activity in children. "

Fish & Co. there we came.

A very different ambience from the usual Fish & Co. outlet I visited 2 or 3 times (can't remember) at Jurong Point. Decorated in Black & White theme with a modern touch. Menu is in a completely different layout from JP outlet. Some dishes such as New York Fish & Chips - Cheese-stuffed Fish & Chips and a variety of pasta that are only available at selected outlet are included.


A new dish by Fish & Co. Mushroom salad - assorted green with olive oil and vinegar dressing topped with Sautéed mushroom with bits of garlic and generous black pepper. $ 8.90


Another new dish - Baked Ginza Salmon $ 16.90. It's actually a common baked salmon dish with a twist of Japanese. Being a newbie in food blogging, i'm not there yet to descirbe the taste, go try it yourself. But my palate is not used to this taste yet. Maybe you'll like it.


Baked salmon with Citrus herb crust served with creamy mushroom sauce $ 16.90

JOjo and her favourite baked salmon, 80% cooked. The first serving was returned due to overcook (Jojo's sense - salmon being flaky=overcook) and too salty! The floor manager explained that the Citrus crust contributed to the heavy taste and the Salmon is done perfect. She later on exchanged another one for me without the crust and at 80% cooked which i simply love it! The feeling of salmon melting in my mouth, umphh...

As usual, Fish & Co. main comes with Sautéed Vegetables and is served with chips or rice. For me, it's always 2 serving of Sautéed Vegetables instead of having the chips/rice.

Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-048/049
Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983
Telephone: 6835 0180 Fax: 6835 0183
Opened since 28 November 1999
Opening hours: Sun - Thurs / PH: 11:30am to 9:30pm
Fri - Sat / Eve of PH: 11:30am to 10pm

What about the cake? You may asked. Although i was filled by the Salmon, my stomach always have a soft spot for cakes.

Collage_1 We had a "Not-Too-Warm" Warm Chocolate Cake and a "Less Guilt" Low Fat Mango Cheesecake shared between my friend and I at Starbucks, Raffles City Mall on our way heading to city hall MRT station.

The warm choc cake was rich and nice but i wish it could be a little warmer. It was cold and hard at the center when i was expecting it to be moist and soft.

I started to wonder did i request for the Warm Choc Cake because i want to eat the cake or is an excuse for me to eat the chocolate? (i still haven't recover from the heatiness). I wonder...

Starbucks - Raffles City

252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6333 3083

PS: For your information, Chocolate especially RICH CHOCOLATE is really heaty and is bad for your throat. Experienced a change of voice in a masculine voice at later part of the night. My hall friends got a shock of their lifetime as they couldn't recognised me by my voice as i was talking outside their room. So Do Not try eating Rich Choc Cake when you know you shouldn't be eating it.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ Jurong Point

So who's Jim, our beloved Ah Jim??


Ah Jim

He's my primary schoolmate, my secondary schoolmate, my badminton kaki, Yum-Cha kaki, a friend in whom I trust, someone i can pour my heart out, a friend who cares, a friend who loves and a friend who will accompany you all the lonely days when no one else is back in KLUANG!!! Lol... The best part of all, Ah Jim is a homely guy who loves to cook! *common point* Always trying to "invent" his new dish, eg: a pita-taste-a-like pizza??? According to him, his record is cooking a total of 70 near to 80 meals in UK. He did all the cooking for his hostelmates during his stay there. He was the only cook.

Oh, did i mentioned that he knows how to make Rojak? To the uninitiated, rojak by definition is a mixed salad. Chinese Rojak usually consists of pineapples, cucumbers, sengkuang (turnip), kangkong, sotong (squid or cuttlefish) and Yu Tiao (fried fritters) covered with peanut crumb and dark sauce made of shrimp paste.Hhmm... Mamak rojak contains fried fritters, cucumbers, sengkuang (turnip), hard boiled eggs and sliced cuttlefish. A spicy peanut sauce is then poured over the rojak. Ah Jim is also capable of making Tang Yuen, a glutinous rice ball with peanut filling. Both are my favourite past time food!

On Tuesday night, 30th Oct,

"I'll be going to Changi for interview at 2.00pm"

"Go out leh, we go for dinner."

"Ok. Where and what time?"

"Jurong Point lo, nearer to me"

"Ok lo. Contact you through my sis' hp that day"

End of story. That's how we ended up going out together and Ah Jim was late for an hour! (how can a guy let a girl wait for an hour at mrt interchange???) Ah Jim was late with valid reason and we were really good buddy, so i didn't mind waiting for him. He was the guest and he got to choose. After giving him a few suggestions, with two desperate hungry stomach to feed, he laid his eyes on Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao.

Waited for almost 20 minutes for a table. The whole place was jam-packed during dinner hour. This was the third visit to the restaurant, i was still quite unfamiliar of what they've got to offer. The pictures in the menu gave us the rough ideas how the dishes look like. The indecisiveness in us couldn't come to a conclusion of what to order. After some time of struggle, I saw the promotion leaflet at the side of the table. $26.80 (before tax and GST) for a set meal for two which includes a starter (cold dish), a main, a rice/noodle and a dessert or specialty. Should have seen the promo earlier, save us the trouble of thinking what to eat.

This is what we ordered


皮蛋拌豆腐 (served cold)


Oops, forgot the name, is some fried noodles with shredded meat and shredded black fungus.



The two specialty that we ordered from the set meal was 小笼包 and we ordered one 狗不理包子on top of the set (picture not shown).


The cold dish looked ordinary but HmmHmmm... I experienced the unique flavour of the cold dish which both Ah Jim and myself couldn't figure it out. It was more to the salty side yet sweet at the same time. Century egg with soft, melt-in-your-mouth toufu with chicken floss,spring onion and peanut topping, a twist of taste!

But the excitement ended there.

The fried noodle was ok. Nothing spectacular for a restaurant standard. The soup dish was to my liking. Served with thick Cod Fish slices, Beancurd skin-made toufu, Kiam Chay, pepper and some other spices which i couldn't identify(it tasted like some pickles which i didn't like). Xiao long bao is their specialty and there's nothing to talk about. 狗不理包子was a chinese bao (a bun with filling). The filling is, to our disappointment, same as the 小笼包 except probably more 韭菜were in it.

The bill came up to SGD$36.25. A little bit taxing for my thin purse. What to do,有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎?(Meaning: For old-time good friend's sake) But at the same time, i felt “花钱容易 赚钱难”。 For those who doesn't read Chinese, it means $ is hard to earn yet it's spent easily.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Jurong Point)

1 Jurong West Central 2
#03-18 Jurong Point
Singapore 648886
Telephone: 6790-2212

PS: My school friend bumped in us, and lots of Questions were arrowed to me that night and the day after. "Who's the guy?" "You sure he's only your friend?"

Yup, he's only my friend to those who are so concerned about me... *wink*

Bali Thai @ Suntec Fountain Terrace


Lol...wanted to post this last Wed Nite but I was really busy, caught up with a lot of things.

This post is about my trip to Marina Sq last Wednesday, 24th Oct 2007. Yup, let me recall, it was my hmm....3rd time or 4th visit to Marina Sq. Oops, ok, i know...I've been in Singapore for 3yrs+ and my beloved New Creation Church is in Suntec, how can i not visit Marina Sq since it is located right opposite Suntec Convention Centre???!!! Yup, that's me, fr City Hall head straight to Suntec Tower 4 then head straight back to City Hall. Haha...Barely have time to hang around much with my coursemates, what else? So count yourself lucky if i contact u for yum-cha session when i'm back in Malaysia =) You are all my dearest friends of all... If I say i miss my school life or simply my simple life in Malaysia, yes! I mean it! I'm a typical Kluang girl, grown up in a simple town, leading a simple life! 100% Genuine Kluang-made.

Back to the topic, my friends and I had been planning a birthday celebration for Wan Wan, our dear friend in school. Gift and birthday cake of course! My sweet-tooth keep "psycho-ing" me to buy cake from Chocz. So...i obliged to the tiny little sinful idea of mine. Ordered the cake online, is Choc Tawa, an award winning cake it seems. I need to collect it on Wed, after lesson. But the nearest outlet is at Marina Sq or esplanade. If i were to go, i'm going alone, and is a far away destination. You know, 1++hr just to reach there from NTU (bus journey+MRT+walk distant). So i "jio" aka invite/request/ask-along my dear dear angel in hall, Mr.KY to go with me, so off we go in his little Mazda with teddy and Miss Miko in car at 6.45pm. Yeah, KY promised to go so that he can give me my little Birthday treat *grin* My angel in hall is the best buddy in the whole wide world!!! But of coz, i need to assure him that i know the direction and for this, he's amazed and he said "Today i just know another side of Joanna", of cos he was referring to my singing in the car as well =)

The journey to Marina Sq was smooth except the heavy traffic on AYE. After getting a beautiful parking lot right beside the escalator, we head to Chocz at level 3 to make our payment. Told the counter that we will come back to get the cake before their closing time. P1020669small_1 The cake looked absolutely yummy and the packaging is attractive. Beside putting the cake in a thick black-coloured box with gold-coloured Chocz. logo, the box was placed in a paper bag in the same theme. Superb! I must say it worth the price judging from its packaging alone. Come to think about it, for the price we paid, we deserved the packaging-lah. Or should i say, because of the packaging, we are paying "the" price???!!! *confused*... But anyway, the service attitude of Chocz. is worth praising and the guy (didn't get to see his nametag) was courteous and well-mannered. With lots of patient as well. Bravo!

Head to Suntec Tower 4, Doughnut Factory to get doughnuts.KY bought a dozen of them. We saw people carried tonnes, okay, i'm exaggerating it, boxes of donut factory's doughnuts in their hand. We even need to Queue for doughnuts on a weekday evening. Gosh. But the doughnuts looked yummy though in the end i still prefer Dunkin Donuts. KY, if there's chance, i'll definitely bring it back for you ok? YumYum... Both of us wanted to have doughnuts for supper,hehe. We head to Fountain Terrace to hunt for food. In the end, we settled in BaliThai, a Thai&Vietnamese Restaurant.

Initially wanted to settle for the executive set meal for 2 which include rice,soup,a veg dish,a meat dish and dessert of the day if i didn't left out anything. But the soup in the meal is Tomyam Soup. Ooohh...Not something my angel fancy in. Wanted to request for an exchange of item but both of us didn't know what soup we wanted when asked by the waitress. So...say good-bye to the set meal. After looking at the fancy pictures of the dishes on the menu for quite some time, we finally decided on Pineapple Fried Rice, Green Chicken Curry, Thai Fish Cake and Thai stuffed-chicken wing. Of course, how can i forget my lovely green Mango Salad. =)


We were served with Tapioca Chips and some Keropok with Thai Sauce dip while waiting for the food to be served. Of course, how could i miss the chance of taking picture of myself? A little shaken due to the slow respond time of my hp, Lol. Took of pic of my angel but he refused to let me post his pic cos he commented he doesn't look good in that pic. The dishes came in pretty fast, like 10+mins? It was really fast i must say for restaurant standard.


Green Mango Salad

Green Mango salad came in 5 mins cos it was the appetiser. KY was so funny, he thought the green mango is cucumber!!! Lol...He couldn't get used to the taste initially but after a while,he said the dish was pretty nice.


All the rest of the dishes came in together, so "Whoah!" our little table was filled with food. The serving for each dish is not big by its look but both of us were pretty excited by looking at the spread of food on our table. All the dishes are presented in such a exquisite way, with crafted vegetables eg:carrot as decoration at the side of the dish. It's been sometime now since i've been amazed by the look of food, said KY.


Pineapple Fried Rice

We shared the pineapple fried rice which look really good, fried in golden yellow colour with chunks of pineapple top with slices of sausage and prawns with some parsley leaves but the taste was just so-so.


Thai Green Curry Chicken

The bowl of Green Curry Chicken looked really small but don't be deceived by the look. This is the dish where both of us find difficulty in finishing it no matter how much we tugged in,haha. Maybe because it was served in a small-looking yet deep bowl =p The Green curry is really thick and the aroma of the herbs and spices blew me away! Yummy!


Thai Fish Cake


Stuffed Chicken Wing

The Thai Fish Cake was a disappointment, it tasted like some frozen fish cake. *shake head* But the disappointment was salvaged by the Thai Stuffed Chicken Wing. I'm really amazed by how the chef deboned the chicken wing without cutting off the skin and putting all the meat (after mincing it and some Thai herbs are added in the process) back into the wing. It kept me thinking while eating, but who really cares??? when the food is good!

The look of the food doesn't justify its amount. We had difficulty finishing the food but all the dishes were wiped clean in the end. I never agree on wasting on yummy food in the first place.

Bali Thai (formerly known as Renn Thai)


Fountain Terrace

Suntec City Mall

PS: Both of us was too full to have the doughnuts we bought earlier on for supper. It became my breakfast... FYI, "psycho"-ing means trying to persuade someone and "jio" means asking someone along. Some singapore slang here.