Thursday, January 24, 2008

A tale of an Excursion of 6 girls

It was a Saturday.

The first day of Holidays for many in NTU but not us. It was already the 2nd Saturday into our Holidays! WhooHoo... A weird kind of feeling though, because for our course, we always have exam until the last day or second last day of the WHOLE exam period. Those were the days when i was still "mugging" aka studying for exam and my hallmates had already finish theirs. Finally things took a different turn. Hah.

3 sleepless girls - Wan Wan, Chii Chii and Karen, too excited for the outing perhaps.

10am at Kranji MRT marked the start of our outing.

Collage_5 A cup of tea while we waited for the late ones and do our "dirty laundry* " at the same time.

Finally, we got to embark on our journey out of Singapore at 10.55am.

Boarded The Smiley Bus - Causeway Link with 50cents. Cheers for Causeway link with student's price! Reminded my fellow singaporean friends to keep the stub of the ticket for re-boarding of the bus at custom.

Smooth clearance at Singapore custom, but not so smooth at Malaysia side. Whoah! "People Mountain People Sea", it's a common scene on a Saturday morning.

For Malaysian like me, it probably won't take you a moment, cos they don't really care, especially when you are a frequent traveller, in and out of Singapore. I usually just walk through showing my passport without scanning by the officer if i'm alone. My mum will definitely scan her passport.

Struggle to make my way through the crowd to get white cards for my friends. Getting my way back was worse, because i was against the flow of human traffic. Locating them among the crowd was difficult too. Phew~

After a long long wait for an hour, we finally made our way out of the custom with Chii Chii's dad waiting for us patiently. Yu Chii's dad was so kind to send us to our first destination, Plaza Pelangi.

Why Plaza Pelangi, if City Square that's bigger and newer is just within walking distant?

It was because we are going RED BOX located at Plaza Pelangi for K-session. Whoo~~~ Anticipated for this for a long long time. I hadn't been singing karaoke for ages. Really ages. A year or 6 months at least. Finally, i got to sing.

We took the K-lunch package at RM11++ which include one main and a drink. You can add RM2 to upgrade to 1 litre of drink of your choice! Yes, only RM2!!! Choices of food include Yang Chow Fried Rice RM11++ , Curry Laksa RM16++, Executive Sandwich RM11++ etc. You can also add on some side dishes for RM2 only, add-ons are Cheese Mussels, sausages and a few more which i couldn't remember. Choices of drinks available are soft drinks, fruit juices such as orange,guava etc and hot drinks like milo, tea and coffee are also available.

Not in my tip-top condition to sing but i had my share of fun, not hitting the right key, laughing through the part that i totally forgetten how to sing etc.


Collage2_3Celebrated Yu Chii and Yu Fei's Birthday at Red Box with 6 slices of Secret Recipe's Cake.

From its cheesecake counter: Chilled Blueberry Cheesecake & Rasberry Cheesecake, Healthy range: Hi-fibre Cheesecake & No-sugar Moist Chocolate Cake and we also had Chocolate Banana Cake & Mocha Walnut Cake from its creamcake selection.

Verdict: Secret Recipe's Cheesecake is Totally Awesome! So is my all time favourite Chocolate Banana. Surprisingly the healthy version of Secret Recipe's which were trans-fat free were delicious too. But the mocha walnut cake was a little disappointing.

6 girls couldn't finish the cakes. What a waste! I tried my best to eat off all the cakes but to my dismay, my tummy had its limit too. tummy was bloated with cakes. Satisfied!

Took a cab to City Square for only RM6.00 (less than SGD$3.00 !!!). If i used to stay in M'sia, i would say it's so expensive for such a short distant. But 2.5 yrs in Singapore changed me just a little. Because spending in Singapore is just too expensive, for me. According to my friends (as i don't take cab, bus is much cheaper), sometimes hopping into a cab during peak hour without going anywhere already cost you SGD$3-5++ for surchange. So I'm more willing to spend when i'm in M'sia.


Visited Wong Kok Char Chan Ting in City Square before we hit off for our movie, Stardust.

Wong Kok Char Chan Ting is another Hong Kong Style Restaurant Franchise which mushroom all over Malaysia. Similar to Kim Gary, which is another Hong Kong Restaurant, the food they serve are a little bit different. With 200++ items on the menu, one is overwhelmed by its selection. Colourful menu captured our attention but the fear of over-feeding ourselves stopped us eventually from order too much. Each order one main while i only ordered a cup of Hong Kong Yin-Yang, which is a cup of coffee and tea mixture.

I once heard, the ratio of a cup of Good Yin-Yang is 7-3. 7 parts of Tea and 3 parts of Coffee. I wonder is it so?


(1st row L to R: Iced Yin-Yang 冰鸳鸯, Special Golden XO Roll 金包银XO卷,Rice served with Fish and Vegetables 蛋包鱼菜饭

2nd row L to R: Special Golden XO Roll 金包银XO卷, Hot Yin-Yang 港式鸳鸯,Fried Hor-furn with Fish and Vegetables 菜元班腩炒河

3rd row L to R: Cheesebaked Prok Chop Rice 芝士猪扒锔饭,internal of the XO roll, Snow Veg Pork Ribs Noodles 雪菜排骨汤面)

The cup of Yin-Yang is nice. Just nice. A very simple and nice cup of beverage. The taste is not overwhelming yet aromatic. RM 2.90 for a cup of nice Yin-Yang, where can find in Singapore? I remembered I once tried a Hong Kong restaurant which serve the famous Hong Kong Milk Tea, Bleak, worse than the one serve at my home town and im paying SGD$2.90 for it!

The rest gave a thumb up for the Iced Yin-Yang too. So they had high expectatinon for the hot Yin-Yang ordered. But they were disappointed for a split moment as theirs didn't taste as good as mind, or should i say, tasteless. We eventually found out that Hot Yin-Yang is served sugarless, meaning one need to add in sugar to one's liking. This is another plus point, at least for me as i prefer coffee without sugar or less sweet.

I didn't order any main as i still feel really bloated with the previous cakes. According to my humble biology knowledge, fats take longer time to digest and the cakes eaten were all cream & cheese. Nevermind about the calories. I always have the soft spot when it comes to cakes, especially cheesecakes!

We shared a Special Golden XO Roll 金包银XO卷 @ RM7.50 . It was actually an omellette wrapped with chee-cheong-fun, chinese bacon bits, pork floss & some specialty sauce. Simply delicious!

Both the Fish Fillet Cheesebaked Rice @ RM14.50 and Pork Chop Cheesebaked Rice @ RM 13.80 were served in the container you probably seen in Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant. Both looked almost identical to each other until you cut open the generous layer of cheese topping. MMpphh... Yummy! There were three types of sauce for you to choose from: Cream Sauce, Tomato Sauce or Portugese Sauce. Both Wan Jing and Karen chose tomato sauce for their baked rice.

Yu Chun's Fried Hor Furn with Fish and Vegetables @ RM8.20 looked extremely "open stomach" aka 开胃 because of the salivating egg sauce with strains of egg yolk that you could see when it was served. It was nice but a little too salty.

Rice served with Fish and Vegetables 蛋包鱼菜饭 @ RM9.80, something light in flavour and taste for the palate after a whole lot of cheesecake. Didn't get to try but according to Yu Fei, it was nice! She didn't further describe it but she finished the whole bowl of rice, action showed them all, didn't it?

Snow Veg Pork Ribs Noodles 雪菜排骨汤面 @ RM7.20 took a long time before it was served. We started to wonder was it because it didn't snow in M'sia? Ok, a silly joke. Anyway, all of us felt it was over-salty but we were thinking was it because Hong Kong style cooking were all to the salty side? Probably. The noodles tasted a little like instant noodle too. Overall, it was not too bad.

Headed off to the cinema straight after the meal. We were late for five minutes due to the delay in the toilet. Movie started but luckily we didn't miss much, 1-2minutes at most. Stardust was a pretty good movie, worth watching! Highly recommended! We enjoyed the show a lot. Funny yet in depth, a meaningful movie.

Movie ended at 9.15pm. Yu Chii headed home and the rest of us headed back to Singapore with hee-hee-haa-haa all the way until we departed with each other at Kranji MRT station.

A simple yet enjoyable outing. Excursion experience for some. A bonding session for another.

I simply enjoyed the fellowship and laughter we shared with each other!



*Dirty laundry* meaning writing the birthday card right in front of the birthday girl. -_-"

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