Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Cuppa Warmth My Heart Away

It's a bright Saturday morning, surprisingly. It has been raining for more than a week now. Most of the time, it will start raining at around 11am, until the next day. From drizzling from heavy downpour, it just couldn't stop raining.

OOps...Here comes the rain at 2pm. Haha, speak of the devil hah!

Had a good night sleep despite waking up at 3.30am, feeling nausea. It must be the cake and milk from the night before. My stomach couldn't take creamy stuff (come to think about ice-cream and cheesecake) since my diarrhoe last Sunday. I think I probably should keep myself away from the sweet bites for the time being.

It has been a really boring week. Day-in and day-out from work. I wasn't in the mood of working out in the gym. Too lazy to go swimming. Feeling even more lethargy with the rainy weather. Just feel like snuggle in my not-too-warm blanket.

Here comes Friday. Yeah, time for a movie. Alvin and the Chipmunks seems like a good choice. Indeed, it was a happy movie. Bring a smile for everyone sitted in the theatre, including me, especially Me holding the sweet popcorn in my hand!

Popcorn does fill you up! It did, at least to me. I haven't been feeling too well, especially appetite wise. Eating a little fills me up. I merely had 1/4 of the popcorn, or slightly more and I didn't have space for dinner.

In the end, decided to have a slice of cake at Coffee Bean. Looking at their cake selection, the cake-gluttony in me was awaken! Mixed-berries Meringue, Chocolate Toblerone, Traditional Carrot Cake, Christmas Pudding and Log Cake etc. were calling out for me. I wanted to try their carrot cake for some time for now but the Mixedberries Meringue is for a litmited season only, i think. So i ordered the meringue. I wanted to try their Chocolate Toblerone as well, but i was going to have the cake on my own. Looking at my condition, i doubt my stomach could take it (no space, no appetite, even for my fav cake!). So the Mixed-Berries Meringue was the only order.


My friend ordered a cup of Hot Caramel Latte which was very rich. I love Coffee Bean's Coffee! Simply delicious.

The slice of cake came with a little reindeer on it. To my dismay, the slice of cake was spoilt, at the center portion where the mixedberries were. The berries was too moist, i supposed, which led to the spoilage of the slice. Brought it to the attention of the barista, they exchanged a new slice at no cost.

The Mixed-Berries Meringue, with rasberry and strawberry (hope i didn't miss out any) in the middle was tasty nonetheless. The layer of not that soft sponge cake in the middle didn't appeal to my palate. The thick and generous layer of creamcheese layer didn't fail to satisfy me. But a tad too sweet even for my high sweet tolerance. The layer of meringue tasted a little like marshmallow.

In case you don't know what is meringue, it means a delicate, frothy mixture made with beaten egg whites and sugar or hot syrup, and browned, used as a topping for pies, pastry, etc.

After tasting the cup of caramel latte, i couldn't resist but to order a cup of non-caffeine drink. Didn't feel like having any dose of caffeine. I couldn't decide to have hot chocolate or hot vanilla. Hot vanilla which tasted more like a cup of sweetened milk was my choice.

I LOVE MILK! i must say... I hadn't been drinking any dairy product after my diarrhoe and fever last Sunday. Been drinking Teh-O from Canteen A. The vanilla wasn't distinct but the foamy milk was lovely. I love the feeling on savouring a cup of warm milk on a cold winter night.

Oops...No winter in Singapore. It's cold rainy night. The warm, closed to hot cup of milk sent warmth down my spine, right into my heart, keeping me warm inside out. I think a cup of warm yummy milk keep the loneliness of staying in Singapore without my family at bay. I always remember my dad would always make me a cup of hot milk (from Fernleaf milk powder) at night when i was young or when i couldn't get to sleep. Missing home again...

Sometimes, things just do not change even after two and a half years.

I still miss home.

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