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Bali Thai @ Suntec Fountain Terrace


Lol...wanted to post this last Wed Nite but I was really busy, caught up with a lot of things.

This post is about my trip to Marina Sq last Wednesday, 24th Oct 2007. Yup, let me recall, it was my hmm....3rd time or 4th visit to Marina Sq. Oops, ok, i know...I've been in Singapore for 3yrs+ and my beloved New Creation Church is in Suntec, how can i not visit Marina Sq since it is located right opposite Suntec Convention Centre???!!! Yup, that's me, fr City Hall head straight to Suntec Tower 4 then head straight back to City Hall. Haha...Barely have time to hang around much with my coursemates, what else? So count yourself lucky if i contact u for yum-cha session when i'm back in Malaysia =) You are all my dearest friends of all... If I say i miss my school life or simply my simple life in Malaysia, yes! I mean it! I'm a typical Kluang girl, grown up in a simple town, leading a simple life! 100% Genuine Kluang-made.

Back to the topic, my friends and I had been planning a birthday celebration for Wan Wan, our dear friend in school. Gift and birthday cake of course! My sweet-tooth keep "psycho-ing" me to buy cake from Chocz. So...i obliged to the tiny little sinful idea of mine. Ordered the cake online, is Choc Tawa, an award winning cake it seems. I need to collect it on Wed, after lesson. But the nearest outlet is at Marina Sq or esplanade. If i were to go, i'm going alone, and is a far away destination. You know, 1++hr just to reach there from NTU (bus journey+MRT+walk distant). So i "jio" aka invite/request/ask-along my dear dear angel in hall, Mr.KY to go with me, so off we go in his little Mazda with teddy and Miss Miko in car at 6.45pm. Yeah, KY promised to go so that he can give me my little Birthday treat *grin* My angel in hall is the best buddy in the whole wide world!!! But of coz, i need to assure him that i know the direction and for this, he's amazed and he said "Today i just know another side of Joanna", of cos he was referring to my singing in the car as well =)

The journey to Marina Sq was smooth except the heavy traffic on AYE. After getting a beautiful parking lot right beside the escalator, we head to Chocz at level 3 to make our payment. Told the counter that we will come back to get the cake before their closing time. P1020669small_1 The cake looked absolutely yummy and the packaging is attractive. Beside putting the cake in a thick black-coloured box with gold-coloured Chocz. logo, the box was placed in a paper bag in the same theme. Superb! I must say it worth the price judging from its packaging alone. Come to think about it, for the price we paid, we deserved the packaging-lah. Or should i say, because of the packaging, we are paying "the" price???!!! *confused*... But anyway, the service attitude of Chocz. is worth praising and the guy (didn't get to see his nametag) was courteous and well-mannered. With lots of patient as well. Bravo!

Head to Suntec Tower 4, Doughnut Factory to get doughnuts.KY bought a dozen of them. We saw people carried tonnes, okay, i'm exaggerating it, boxes of donut factory's doughnuts in their hand. We even need to Queue for doughnuts on a weekday evening. Gosh. But the doughnuts looked yummy though in the end i still prefer Dunkin Donuts. KY, if there's chance, i'll definitely bring it back for you ok? YumYum... Both of us wanted to have doughnuts for supper,hehe. We head to Fountain Terrace to hunt for food. In the end, we settled in BaliThai, a Thai&Vietnamese Restaurant.

Initially wanted to settle for the executive set meal for 2 which include rice,soup,a veg dish,a meat dish and dessert of the day if i didn't left out anything. But the soup in the meal is Tomyam Soup. Ooohh...Not something my angel fancy in. Wanted to request for an exchange of item but both of us didn't know what soup we wanted when asked by the waitress. So...say good-bye to the set meal. After looking at the fancy pictures of the dishes on the menu for quite some time, we finally decided on Pineapple Fried Rice, Green Chicken Curry, Thai Fish Cake and Thai stuffed-chicken wing. Of course, how can i forget my lovely green Mango Salad. =)


We were served with Tapioca Chips and some Keropok with Thai Sauce dip while waiting for the food to be served. Of course, how could i miss the chance of taking picture of myself? A little shaken due to the slow respond time of my hp, Lol. Took of pic of my angel but he refused to let me post his pic cos he commented he doesn't look good in that pic. The dishes came in pretty fast, like 10+mins? It was really fast i must say for restaurant standard.


Green Mango Salad

Green Mango salad came in 5 mins cos it was the appetiser. KY was so funny, he thought the green mango is cucumber!!! Lol...He couldn't get used to the taste initially but after a while,he said the dish was pretty nice.


All the rest of the dishes came in together, so "Whoah!" our little table was filled with food. The serving for each dish is not big by its look but both of us were pretty excited by looking at the spread of food on our table. All the dishes are presented in such a exquisite way, with crafted vegetables eg:carrot as decoration at the side of the dish. It's been sometime now since i've been amazed by the look of food, said KY.


Pineapple Fried Rice

We shared the pineapple fried rice which look really good, fried in golden yellow colour with chunks of pineapple top with slices of sausage and prawns with some parsley leaves but the taste was just so-so.


Thai Green Curry Chicken

The bowl of Green Curry Chicken looked really small but don't be deceived by the look. This is the dish where both of us find difficulty in finishing it no matter how much we tugged in,haha. Maybe because it was served in a small-looking yet deep bowl =p The Green curry is really thick and the aroma of the herbs and spices blew me away! Yummy!


Thai Fish Cake


Stuffed Chicken Wing

The Thai Fish Cake was a disappointment, it tasted like some frozen fish cake. *shake head* But the disappointment was salvaged by the Thai Stuffed Chicken Wing. I'm really amazed by how the chef deboned the chicken wing without cutting off the skin and putting all the meat (after mincing it and some Thai herbs are added in the process) back into the wing. It kept me thinking while eating, but who really cares??? when the food is good!

The look of the food doesn't justify its amount. We had difficulty finishing the food but all the dishes were wiped clean in the end. I never agree on wasting on yummy food in the first place.

Bali Thai (formerly known as Renn Thai)


Fountain Terrace

Suntec City Mall

PS: Both of us was too full to have the doughnuts we bought earlier on for supper. It became my breakfast... FYI, "psycho"-ing means trying to persuade someone and "jio" means asking someone along. Some singapore slang here.

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