Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sakae Sushi @ The Frontier Community Club

A recent visit to Sakae indicating my crave for Jap Food is getting more severe. Be it during plant bio lecture early in the morning or TCM lectures late in the afternoon. My mind is flashing with the picture of yummy-licious sushi, sashimi, bento....

I especially missed the Deluxe Bento by Sakae Sushi. I only time i tried it was in March, my first or second visit to Sakae. It was a treat from my cousin sister who started working in Singapore. I immediately fell in love with the particular bento set. It came with unagi that melts in your mouth and 3 other dishes including, Ajitsuke Idako (Baby Octopus), Inoki Niku Maki (golden mushroom wrapped in thin beef slice) and a soup with egg and some other ingredients which i couldn't remember. Served together with miso soup and watermelon, it was the best i've tasted then.

The crave for the bento set was too strong and i was drawn to the nearest Sakae Sushi, located right beside Jurong Community Library. Coincidentally, Sakae changed their menu on the day of my visit. Greeted by the newly printed menu, with pictures of varieties of sushi captured in vibrant colours.

To my horror, i couldn't find my Deluxe Bento!!!~ *scream* How could it be??? I found a Deluxe Bento featured in the menu but it didn't look like the one i had. One can tell the difference from the picture. Dream shattered in an instant.

Suddenly i'm lost.

I didn't know what to call for.

I just wanted my Deluxe Bento...

The computerised ordering system showed the Deluxe Bento that i wanted, but i doubted. Yet that was my order. I didn't want to give up.

My heart longed for thee...

I was disappointed...


Deluxe Bento $ 16.99

It turned out to be what i expected. It was the NEW deluxe bento. No Unagi. No Inoku Niku Maki. No watermelon. Only Chicken Karage. Fried Cod Fish. A few slices of sashimi. Yasai Tempura and a serving of Daikon Salad (eaten all by me, blue empty plate as shown). Diluter miso soup was served.

I want my Original Deluxe Bento.

Craving not satisfied.

To comfort the disappointed me, my friend ordered a number of other dished including my fav salmon sashimi and Inoki Niku Maki. Appreciated.


Enoki Niku Maki $ 6.99


Ikura Sushi $ 6.99

I was thinking of Ikura due to recent blog reading on Ikura Salmon Pasta in early November in boo_licious's blog. Been wondering what's Ikura which i later found out that's Salmon Roe and how it tastes like.

My friend told me that Ikura Sushi should be eaten in one mouth??! So that one can feel the salmon roe burst in your mouth and it will wash your mouth like a refreshing feel of seawater. Both of us didn't experience it. We deduce that the Ikura is not fresh.

If you really want to taste the freshest Ikura, go Hokkaido. *wink*


Due to my disappointment over the bento, i filled the emptiness with dessert~ Who can resist pretty looking dessert? I can't, especially when it's ice-cream *grin*

Apple Sensation $ 6.90

P1020770Ordered Apple Sensation. Pretty apple-looking Ice-cream, covered with white chocolate painted using edible red colouring. The stalk was made with mint flavour dark chocolate and the core was chocolate truffle. You might mistaken the core of the "apple" as rotten.

Apple flavoured ice-cream was truly refreshing and it led us to order another two more ice-cream. A chocolate flavoured ice-cream with vanilla ice-cream core and Pear XX something something. It was a pear-flavoured ice-cream with chocolate truffle core, similar to the Apple Sensation.

The Front Community Club
60 Jurong West Central 3
Tel: 6792 2806

Opening Hours:
11.30am - 10.00pm daily

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