Thursday, January 24, 2008

Self Enjoyment when I'm Alone

But, I was hungry... and actually i was craving for something...


I couldn't resist my craving. It led me to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. If it was my oldself, before i had the current job, i wouldn't even have the thought of coming to Crystal Jade. I must count everything to the cents before i spend. Seriously, I really thank God for blessing me in every area of my life, financially, friends, church etc. I'm so much more blessed financially than i used to be two and a half years ago when i first came to Singapore.

Digress... That's another story all together. Anyway, served and sitted, the waitress was suprised i was alone. Seldom she sees people coming alone, i supposed.

Sitted and started looking around, La Mian and Xiao Long Bao are the most frequent ordered dishes. Stomach growling. Feeling slightly hungry. Browsing through the menu. La mian was calling out for me but i doubted, i was almost 100% certain i couldn't finish one bowl when i'm hungry. Let alone i wasn't that hungry! Suddenly i missed my eating partner, who could wallop almost everything that I couldn't finish.

After some good 5-10 mins, i sticked back to my original plane. I ordered 姜茶汤圆 Sweet Glutinous Dumpling in Ginger Soup $3.50, served hot. I waited for almost 10-15 mins for its arrival. As usual, took some picture while waiting. Again i took the picture of it before i started consuming it. Hardcore blogger. New found interest in blogging ok?

Here you go...


姜茶汤圆 Sweet Glutinous Dumpling in Ginger Soup came with only two glutinous tang yuan in it. *disappointed* I thought there should be three. Not sure. Never eaten.

The ginger soup was concentrated and slightly oversweet but with a very nice fragrance in it. Nice and delicious nontheless. The ginger soup tasted tangyly fresh and it was brown in colour. I supposed they cooked the ginger soup upon order using fresh ginger (by pounding it?) and they used brown or red sugar instead of the nromal white sugar. The 汤圆 tang yuan was soft with black sesame fillings and the skin wasn't too thick. It was made closed to perfection. Most probably it was handmade tang yuan because most packet tang yuan's skin were too thin and they couldn't hold the ingredients inside so the paste would burst out upon the first bite. This one, you could still chew the QQ skin made with glutinous rice flour.

A simple hot dessert that had won my heart over since young!

It was a pleasant me and myself session. I had a good time with myself, with lots of window shopping and eating one of my favourite food. I love my simple way of life.

Who says one can't have fun with oneself ???

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