Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Debut of JO'Kalvier

I've been "boggled" by the limitation of Friendster blog eversince i start blogging about food. 50pictures/month wasn't really enough. But the lazybug in me refused to move my blog. I've put in quite a fair bit of effort of constructing my friendster blog to what it has become today *it was time consuming*, I simply refuse to start all over again. So i have been really... Really... REALLY... "thrifty" with the photos in my friendster blog. Several methods like making a variation of collages have been implemented to solve the problem.

But it failed. Terribly...
I normally will limit to less than 4 pictures per post yet towards the end of the month, i've already reached the limit.
I have just too many things to share with all of you out there.

And the absence of autosave function is disastrous!
Many times i had to retype everything for a single post. The lost of writing it the same style i want it to be. *sadden*

But fear not, here I come! Wanting to keep all the sweet memories of food hunting, i've finally made my way to Blogspot. *wink*
With the help of a sweet friend who enables me to take pictures of my food and my friends & family who are patient with me taking pictures of all the dishes, I believe this will be a fun-filled journey which i will not regret.


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