Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm a Happy Girl~ Suki Sushi Buffet@Cineleisure

Recently, I mean this semester, i've got more chances to step in decent restaurants.

In year 1, I hardly stepped into a restaurant or a cinema.

To recall, i think i only went to eat in a restaurant once with QQ, YT, Kerry in the entire academic year! Serious!

Time passed and i'm already in my third year in NTU, life has changed. Not much, but surely for the better.

Now i wonder, is it me? Or my friends? Or just me being well taken care of?

This reminded me of a print on a Tee i saw today. "I'm not Spoilt, I'm just being well taken care of!" Hmm... A phrase well said? Or just an excuse?

But for my "improved" life, i guess probably is the latter two.

With more friends around me, more birthdays to celebrate, more reasons to eat out.

With friends who care whether you have taken your meal.

With friendship built up over-time, hanging out and spending time with each other is vital. Be it during term time (which is seldom for us due to extremely packed schedule) or after exam. For a bunch of girls not into retail therapy, what else besides food ???

Maybe is because i work a little here and there, thus i can afford a little pleasure in life. Sometimes. Just occassionally.

P1030122 This is the 2nd Official Outing for The Six Girl Gang. Woahaha, a new name i thought of while typing this. 1st Outing was on 1st Oct, after our 《伤寒》exam. This time, was after our 《金匮要略》exam. Exam officially ended for us yesterday but all were too tired to go out. Both 1st & 2nd outing, we ate Japanese food.

Whoo~ I want to classify Japanese Food under my Fav Food Category and since my study here in Singapore, it slowly becomes one of my comfort food besides cakes and choc.

But when is a all girls outing, be ready to wait or be late! *grin* But all of us didn't mean to be late. Only YuChun turned up early cos she forgot about the meet up time agreed on yesterday. Everyone turned up late, yet almost at the same time.


We had a lot of food. Because it was a buffet so i won't go into details. These are some of the items we had.

1st row L to R : Salmon & Maguro Sashimi, Tai & dunno what Sashimi, Hana Maki (Salmon Wrapped sushi topped with mayo and ebikko)

2nd row: Ikura Sushi, Chuka Wakame (seaweed), shisamo

3rd row: Fried Ika (squid), Ajitsuke Idako (squid), and forgot-the-name some kind of pea, quite nice

Some other items we had were Chuka Kurage (Jellyfish) , Chuka Hotate (Clamshell meat), Fried Salmon Skin, Baked scallop with tomato and cheese, Chawamushi, Tuna Mayo Inari Sushi, Ebi Sushi, Unagi Sushi, Salmon Sushi, California Hand Roll, Fried Tofu, Cold Tofu and one more tofu dish which i couldn't remember, Kushiage (fried potato), Ebikko Sushi, Soft Shell Crab, Mini Cream Puff and Fruits.

It may sound a lot, but there were 6 of us. We only request one serving for most of the items listed except those tofu dishes and sashimi.

Oh, did i mentioned we get free-flow drinks too? Beverages ranging from fruit juices to hot green tea, but all of us opted the hot green tea.



We were having a good time eating and chit-chating. Talking nonsense, laughing at each other. Eat and eat and eat until peng, tummy bloated, almost couldn't straighten my back!

The conveyor belt behaved strangely, it was slow-fast-slow-fast. One can notice the change of speed through the movement of the sushi place. One has to be alert and act fast to "catch" the sushi plate you want when it's moving really fast. We came to the conclusion that the speed is controlled by the management to control the flow of sushi in and out of the kitchen.

One interesting event to highlight is, we saw FLYING MINI CREAM PUFF!!! The conveyor belt was moving in such a high speed and our dear Yu Chii couldn't decide whether she wanted another plate of creampuff. By the time she decided, the creampuff was already moving away from her. In order to catch it, she stretched our her mighty hand towards the plate, caught hold of the plate, lifted it up and "Kong", the plate knock on the cover of the next sushi plate, her hand trembled a little and the mini creampuffs FLEW! 4 creampuffs on a plate, left with only 1. Yu Chun with her "alien" superpower, swiftly caught hold of the other two mini creampuffs with her bare hand before it went disappeared along the conveyor belt. We were laughing our heads off while holding to our bloated tummies!

Service? Photo tells it all...


Too few waiters and waitresses to serve so many tables.

Orders tend to be a very slow or they might even forgot all about it. Hand roll was done terribly, the seaweed almost came off! Nothing worth commenting but i must say they serve quite good tofu dishes. Environment? A very noisy background but we were equally noisy as well.

Overall, not too bad for low-budget student like us. At least i get to eat my sashimi, free-flow. Paying around $21 after tax, with students that made up of most of the patrons, i'm not surprise with the service we get. Will we still come back? I think we probably going somewhere else to try oher food since we seldom dine out.

Suki Sushi

8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #04-02 Singapore 239695
Tel: 6737 9608
Fax: 6737 2605

Buffet available all day from 12pm - 5.30pm
(all $1.80 - $4.90 items only. Last order at 5.00pm)
Adults$ 20.90++
Students/Senior Citizens$ 17.90++
Kids (below 10yrs old)$ 10.90++
Additional $1.00 for weekends. Price before tax & 7% GST

Free flow of Juices (Deserts not included in buffet)



Did we enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day?

I bet we did, at least for me. We were having fun with all the little things in store. It's so fun to just hang out with the friends you love, spending time together, laugh and giggle non-stop while creating memories that can last forever.

That's why i came back hall a happy girl.

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