Thursday, January 24, 2008


I was back at home over the weekend.

I was told that Sis. Siew Ying is bringing my family out for dinner on Friday evening. She is a close family friend, attending the same church as my family, a caring teacher, someone you can share your thoughts and seek adcvice.


We went to a small tea-place restaurant. It is located way-off the town area of Kluang, hiding behind some shophouses. The entry to the restaurant gave a very nostalgia feeling and so did the interior.


T-time is a tea house that serves an extensive variety of Chinese Tea and Floral Tea. From Long Jin, Pu Er, Xiang Pian (Jasmine) to Chamomile, Rose and Lavender. Each can serve up to four persons and the tea leaves are packed individually into a zipper bag.

Yellow-lighting and wooden chairs & tables, with four individual cubicles separated by bamboo curtain (???). The frontdesk was surrounded with cupboards displaying various tea-pot sets and chinaware. It provides pretty good ambience for an afternoon catching-up yum-cha session where you can spend your whole afternoon comfortably in an air-con tea place.

P1030139 Its specialty is Porridge. They serves a wide variety of Cantonese style porridge. Fish slice porridge, Century egg porridge, Minced meat porridfe, Chichken Porridge and the list goes on. I wasn't really hungry so i opted Vegetable and Anchovies Porridge priced @ RM 4.90. Sis Siew Ying needed something light from her late afternoon tea, so she ordered the same porridge.

Each serving of Porridge comes in individual pot with an empty bowl and a plate of fried cracker. I supposed the thin cracker is served in replacement of the normal fried cruller or You Tiao that we usually eat with the porridge.

P1030140 The Vegetable and Ikan Bilis Porridge was pretty good. It's not exactly so smooth like authentic Cantonese Porridge. I can still taste individual grain in it. It had a generous amount of ikan bilis (anchovies) and veg. Both Sis Siew Ying and myself were wondering what veg they put in it. My guess was Sayur Kayu Manis and Sis Siew Ying guessed Long Bean Leaves. We didn't have chance to ask the boss but i felt it was more like Long Bean Leaves than Sayur Kayu Manis because the Veg was rather tasteless, unlike Sayur Kayu Manis. Sayur Kayu Manis is the normal veg you can find in Pan Mian or Min Fun Gou/Mian Fen Gao.


Mum ordered Spicy Fried Rice, not an order my mum would normally make. Nothing fascinating and it was not spicy enough.

Dad ordered Lor Mee. The bowl was big and so is the spoon. Blended Cili Padi and vinegar were served alongside with the bowl of noodles. It's tasty!

We ordered a bowl of specialty salad to share. Salad - It should come before the main but it was exactly opposite in this restaurant. It was only served when we were almost done with our food, hahaha! My mum's fav, the dressing was mayonnaise but it tasted a little different. I wonder why...


Restaurant T-Time Cafe

Located behind The Cathay Restaurant

Taman Muhibah,

86000 Kluang, Johor.


PS: Mum fried Nian-gao especially for me! Lots and lots of Nian Gao, probably enough to feed 6 was served 4. I forgo the Chee Cheong Fun which eventually became my lunch for the sake of Fried Nian Gao. Yum~ Nian Gao was covered with thick batter made with eggs, flour, sugar and a pinch of salt. Extra batter was used to fried "Bok Chang" shown in pic. What's that, you may ask. I don't have an answer for you. But it's made with egg, sugar and flour. It can be made into savoury version by replacing sugar with salt and add in condiments like ikan billis (anchovies), spring onion, onions etc as you wish.

Collage2_2Three of us (mum, dad and I) attended Johore Kah Yin Association Fall(season) Celebration at Cin Cin Restaurant on Sunday. Cin Cin Restaurant is a well knowned restaurant for over 20 years which serves their famous Pi Pa Duck with sour plum sauce. Absolutely yummy! It is a dish that i eat from young. A dish that will make its appearance in every function held in the restaurant, wedding/birthday/association dinner.

The practice of starting all events on time is observed by Kah Yin Association and this is commentable. Mum & her association kakis presented 3 songs on stage, including one hakka Mountain Song.

Collage5 Visited Uncle Chong and Aunty Siew Siew, our old neighbour. Uncle Chong injured his back and the inflammation was all the way from the back to his left hand. Sometimes he can feel the numbness and the pull. Currently Aunty Siew Siew is taking care of Siew Siew Jie Jie's two kids. The younger one is still a 2 or 3 months old infant. Really cute and adorable! Look exactly like Uncle Chong.

With two three more homecooked meals, Tuesday lunch at home marked the end of my trip back home. Ate a lot of Foodie every time i'm back at home, for my motto when i'm back at home is.

" 吃了再算!"

"Eat first Think later"

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