Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ichiban Sushi, Jurong Point

It was a long & tiring week,
eventhough it meant to be a short week,
with only 4 days,
Without Monday Blues~

Who knows that there was a Mistletoe Tuesday,
Which activated the whole lab to stay OT until 9++pm,
Meaning i had a 12+hrs of lab~ T.T
With a hungry stomach waiting to be fed.

Then came Wednesday which was disastrous,
Got reprimanded by my Big Boss,
For not practicing GLP,
Caught Red-Handed, My bad~ T.T

Then came Thursday,
Without much of a hiccup,
Beside not closing the column door properly,
Causing fluctuation of temperature of my HPLC~ T.T

Here it came, lonely Friday,
Which i thought it was,
FYP haunting my friends,
and I'm left all alone.

No that i had nothing to do,
Neither was i Bored,
Just feeling too tired,
Staying in NTU all week long.

A call at 4+pm changed it all,
Delighted, heart leaping in joy!
"I am GOING OUT!!! On a Friday NIGHT!!"
After all, I am not alone.

Finally, I have a date, on a Friday night...


Where to meet? A simple Question.
We are the West People and We are Tired.
Simple Answer. Boonlay.
Very straight forward.

It is the second time.
I was the one waited,
On both occasions.

I am not complaining.
Cos he is a dear friend of mine.
Holding a special position.
That it is not easily shaken.

Primary & secondary schoolmate,
We were in the class of 2(3),
With Jesing as monitor,
Lu Yean & I were the Asst Monitresses.

Those were the days...



Two tired people with lots to catch up.
Three meals in school/workplace.
We share such similarity.
It's time for some Food Comfort.

Japanese Food was our choice,
Dining of two made things even easier.
Skip the step of waiting for a table,
Table for two is easily available. *Yay*


Vegetable Roll SGD$2.10

A refreshing dish. Covered with sesame and bits of dried seaweed, and crunchy french beans, corn, carrot & cucumber in the center.

I gotta shout, " I am loving it~"


Ebiko Temaki @ SGD$2.10

Yup, it's a Temaki, but not with the normal seaweed wrap that you see. It's wrapped with crepe. Together with the crunchy salad leaf & the fried bacon stripe, i never know temaki can taste so GOoooD!!!

Maybe is the bacon... Maybe it's the Ebiko... Or maybe, it's because of the mayo they added that makes all the different. Or maybe, it's the cheapest of them all, the salad leaf???

Who knows?
But i fell in love with bacon for the first time.


Unagi with Cheese Sushi @ SGD$ 3.90

I gotta shout, I gotta Shout, I gotta SHOUT!!!
This is not the ordinary thinly-sliced-until-u-can't-taste kind of Unagi. This is the premium Unagi that you get on the Unagi Don!!!

The thick flesh of Unagi melting in your mouth before it burst into its full flavour. Enhanced with the flavour from the sliced Cheddar cheese&seaweed hidden between the Japanese rice, who could resist the heavenly-match sushi?

Especially to someone who loves both Unagi and cheese...


Inari Sushi @ SGD$2.10

A typical Inari Sushi caught my friend's attention. Nothing uncommon but nothing to complain about. It's just Inari Sushi.


Curry Chicken Katsu Don @ SGD$11.90

Jim Jim always wanted to try Japanese Curry. To his surprise (dismay perhaps?), he says it tasted exactly like the "ah neh's curry" aka indian curry when he was studying in UK. A tiny weeny bit of spice, more of the sweet curry. For me, its taste is comparable to the Japanese stall in the food court in NTU.

Hmm... I like it, i like Japanese Curry. But if i can pay 1/3 of the price here to eat the exact dish in NTU minus the two slices of oranges and the bowl of miso soup, why should i order this out of school? *i wonder, wonder*


Both of us were too full to have any dessert,
though the tempura ice-cream was calling,
and fiesta Japanese cheesecake is whistling,
"Jojo, Jojo, aren't we lovely?"

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,
On a Friday night,
It seems like a date,
With a primary schoolmate.

"I scare I'll fall asleep in the cinema" i was told,
Came out with lots of Q's marks in his head,
I felt bad to drag him for a show,
Which he didn't know what was going on.

Thank Q Jim Jim for the treat,
A lovely Friday evening indeed.
I am glad i have you,
As a friend who come to my rescue.


JOjo is very happy,
Cos I got my R square = 1.
Although my error bar "sucks",
I still thank God,
Cos I got R square equals to 1.
*Grinning away*

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kluang railway Coffee


It is located at the Kluang railway station, at Jalan Station, right opposite Pejabat Pos Kluang and Telekom Kluang; right in the heart of Kluang town.

A place which my friends from Singapore gave up till RM40+++ of toast, half-boiled eggs, nasi lemak & mee siam. Mind you, the nasi lemak costs only 50cents. How did they do it? Good appetite+great companion+delicious food, i supposed.

It is SOooo well-known that even the Johor state minister visited the humble little coffee shop and when ex-PM, Dato Sri Dr Mahathir visited Kluang many years ago, they hosted our VVIP too!!! It was also featured in one of the flight magazine (which i couldn't remember which airline was that) many years ago. Run by Lim's family, a well-known family that runs a few coffee shop in Kluang including Hoover in Kluang Baru and Barney's Western Restaurant located in town center. Kluang Rail Coffee offers franchise and their outlet can be found in various shopping malls in KL and Malacca.


Round Kaya Toast with Butter @ RM 1.30

The one thing not to be missed when is their toast. They are famous for their Charcoal Toast, layered with thick layer of butter and homemade kaya. Absolutely addictive and i can assured you, one is never enough! You can find there different types of kaya butter toast, ie: Roti Bulat (round bun), Roti Keping (Square Bun) and Roti Jagung (wholemeal bun). I love them all !!!

You can also find some other variety of bread like Tuna Bun and Sambal Bun. Taste wise, not too bad but i prefer to have the kaya toast *bleah*


Pulut Panggang @ RM 0.50

Pulut panggang is a malay kuih, made by wrapping chilli fried shredded coconut core glutinuos rice in banana leaf. One of my favourite kuih. The one served here is chewy and with a delicious core!


Nasi Lemak @ RM 0.60

For 60cents, you don't expect a big portion. The nasi lemak is wrapped using banana leaves with adequate sambal and a few peanuts just for the tiny pack. Sometimes you can find ikan bilis in your packet. Due to popular demand, one supplier is just not enough to supply nasi lemak for the whole shop. So, there are three suppliers which explains why some have ikan bilis some don't. Nonetheless, all are delicious. Sambal cooked to perfection, spicy and a hint of sweetness at the same time.


A common view of what's on every table

A plate filled with packet nasi lemak, mee siam, fried mee, curry puff and pulut panggang is placed on almost every table. One can also find hard-boiled eggs on the same plate for you to eat with the nasi lemak. Normally patrons will help themselves to it while waiting for their coffee/tea, toast and half-boiled egg to be served. Oh, did i mention that their half-boiled eggs always have the same consistency? Runny Yolk = Yummy~ Whee~


The Ever-Consistent Half-Boiled Egg

Coffee served here is of fine quality, the robust flavour of freshly brewed coffee is simply irressistable. Selling @ RM 1.10, no wonder Starbucks and Coffe Bean do not have any outlet in Kluang.

Normally i would order Teh C Kosong meaning Teh C without sugar. I only order this at selective kopitiam because it must be "gao" enough to drink it without sugar. You can get a cup of Teh C filled with the aroma of evaporated milk, why do you need sugar anymore?

Other than eating in, many would also "da bao" back especially their curry puff.Selling at only 30cents, the crispy curry puff with potato stuffing is a hit and often sold out early in the afternoon. The shop also produce their homebrand coffee.Each packet of 20 coffee bags is selling @ RM 7.00. One can also purchase the homemade kaya selling @ RM 3.50 only.

This place is a must place for visit if you ever happen to come to Kluang, a little dot in the center of Johor state. It is a favourite Breakfast/Afternoon Tea place for the Kluang community and also a must go "tourist spot" whenever outstation friends come to visit my family.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When Exam is over~! So...

Spring is gone and summer is here
Exam is gone and FYP* is here
Thursday, the 24th, The double shot
And Monday, the 28th, Started my FYP.

When others are on Holidays,
I'm more like a slave,
but i enjoy being one,
who is guided by a very good one.

Two weeks had passed,
more work to be done.
Computer is down and i haven't blog for a while.
Long hours in lab drains Jojo away.

Chemicals are dangerous so i practise GLP*.
Hair is tied, labcoat is put on,
Gloves in the pocket you can never go wrong,
Wearing Safety google is a norm.

Biohazard waste in biohazard bin,
Chemical-saturated lab is not a good thing.
Wash your hands before you leave,
You wouldn't want to bring back unwanted things.

So far so good, i would say,
Hope i can get result in the end.
Research is not as easy as i thought it would be,
But i want to give my best shot, none the less.

Pardon me for my lack of posting,
But my FYP is of 15 credits,
"Buang'ing" it is not in my dictionary,
For all the effort that i've put in.

So Thank YOU for your kind encouragement,
It keeps my research momentum,
11 weeks before my thesis submission,
Many late nights is in my prediction.

So, for now i'll slow down in my "Blog Spying" mission,
As well as for "Eye-looking, Mouth-drooling" reaction,
As i embark on my FYP mission,
Encouragement is much apprecitated.

So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,
For i know i got your recognition,
I'm not gone, just missing for a moment,

It's a random post while waiting to check on my HPLC run. I'll be back in action real soon, when my pc is back. I'm actually using my phD mentor's laptop in the lab now *bleah* So back to work, tata for now~

HPLC: High-performance Liquid Chromatography
FYP: Final Year Project
GLP: Good Laboratory Practice