Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kluang railway Coffee


It is located at the Kluang railway station, at Jalan Station, right opposite Pejabat Pos Kluang and Telekom Kluang; right in the heart of Kluang town.

A place which my friends from Singapore gave up till RM40+++ of toast, half-boiled eggs, nasi lemak & mee siam. Mind you, the nasi lemak costs only 50cents. How did they do it? Good appetite+great companion+delicious food, i supposed.

It is SOooo well-known that even the Johor state minister visited the humble little coffee shop and when ex-PM, Dato Sri Dr Mahathir visited Kluang many years ago, they hosted our VVIP too!!! It was also featured in one of the flight magazine (which i couldn't remember which airline was that) many years ago. Run by Lim's family, a well-known family that runs a few coffee shop in Kluang including Hoover in Kluang Baru and Barney's Western Restaurant located in town center. Kluang Rail Coffee offers franchise and their outlet can be found in various shopping malls in KL and Malacca.


Round Kaya Toast with Butter @ RM 1.30

The one thing not to be missed when is their toast. They are famous for their Charcoal Toast, layered with thick layer of butter and homemade kaya. Absolutely addictive and i can assured you, one is never enough! You can find there different types of kaya butter toast, ie: Roti Bulat (round bun), Roti Keping (Square Bun) and Roti Jagung (wholemeal bun). I love them all !!!

You can also find some other variety of bread like Tuna Bun and Sambal Bun. Taste wise, not too bad but i prefer to have the kaya toast *bleah*


Pulut Panggang @ RM 0.50

Pulut panggang is a malay kuih, made by wrapping chilli fried shredded coconut core glutinuos rice in banana leaf. One of my favourite kuih. The one served here is chewy and with a delicious core!


Nasi Lemak @ RM 0.60

For 60cents, you don't expect a big portion. The nasi lemak is wrapped using banana leaves with adequate sambal and a few peanuts just for the tiny pack. Sometimes you can find ikan bilis in your packet. Due to popular demand, one supplier is just not enough to supply nasi lemak for the whole shop. So, there are three suppliers which explains why some have ikan bilis some don't. Nonetheless, all are delicious. Sambal cooked to perfection, spicy and a hint of sweetness at the same time.


A common view of what's on every table

A plate filled with packet nasi lemak, mee siam, fried mee, curry puff and pulut panggang is placed on almost every table. One can also find hard-boiled eggs on the same plate for you to eat with the nasi lemak. Normally patrons will help themselves to it while waiting for their coffee/tea, toast and half-boiled egg to be served. Oh, did i mention that their half-boiled eggs always have the same consistency? Runny Yolk = Yummy~ Whee~


The Ever-Consistent Half-Boiled Egg

Coffee served here is of fine quality, the robust flavour of freshly brewed coffee is simply irressistable. Selling @ RM 1.10, no wonder Starbucks and Coffe Bean do not have any outlet in Kluang.

Normally i would order Teh C Kosong meaning Teh C without sugar. I only order this at selective kopitiam because it must be "gao" enough to drink it without sugar. You can get a cup of Teh C filled with the aroma of evaporated milk, why do you need sugar anymore?

Other than eating in, many would also "da bao" back especially their curry puff.Selling at only 30cents, the crispy curry puff with potato stuffing is a hit and often sold out early in the afternoon. The shop also produce their homebrand coffee.Each packet of 20 coffee bags is selling @ RM 7.00. One can also purchase the homemade kaya selling @ RM 3.50 only.

This place is a must place for visit if you ever happen to come to Kluang, a little dot in the center of Johor state. It is a favourite Breakfast/Afternoon Tea place for the Kluang community and also a must go "tourist spot" whenever outstation friends come to visit my family.


Shell (貝殼) said...

Miss the red sambal very much.. must buy tomolo 4 my breakfast ^^

tigerfish said...

Wooo....kaya dripping kaya dripping...:P

The 0.60cen Nasi Lemak has only sambal chili. I would be happy to have some cucumbers. That would do, for me :)

Now I'm hungry for breakfast! :O

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Pulut Panggang!!!
Omgz...i miss it so much.
Those days i used eat quite alot.
Malay kuih is always my 1st choice of breakfast. =)

squall said...

look yummy...i wan try the round kaya toast...

team bsg said...

we have walked countless times across this branch outlet in 1 Utama PJ , but never in ! Now you have just given us the ultimatum to just do it ...or else

ling239 said...

Nasi Lemak @ RM 0.60?
dun think can get at 1-U ler... =.="

Tummythoz said...

Non of such prices in its franchaise outlets. Actually was disappointed with the taste too. I posted it here:-

ladyironchef said...

hahahah! looks good, the comfort food for us, cant always eat at restaurant. lol

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Nothing like the simple fare, either at home or outside in a kopitiam. :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

now, that's a real kluang station there! thanks for the introduction...hmm, wonder if i can reach there by public buses from larkin...hmmm....

JOjo said...

Shell: *high five* i love red spicy sambal very much too~

Tigerfish: 60cents,very cheap already,but of cos, i wouldn't mind some cucumber too =) But then again, Cucumber need to slice la, very troublesome for the supplier i think =p

Jerome: Pulut Panggang is my fav malay kuih too~ I love the dried shrimp w shredded coconut hidden in the glutinous rice~ Slurp...

Squall: U should try their toasted wholemeal round bun, super yummy~

team BSG: Yup Yup! But come to Kluang town better,hehez. Cheaper ma...can eat more.

Ling239: Haha, 1U overhead cost is so much higher. In kluang, no aircon,somemore got open-air tables.Hee, of cos cheaper...

Tummythoz: There are two diff franchise that are very similar in their setting and name, ie: Kluang Station and Kluang Railway Coffee. I'm not sure u went to which one but this is the origin of Kluang Railway Coffee. very nice. Come Kluang, must try. very Cheap too~

LIC: Totally agree!!! Esp when u r a student.Haha. And one can find lots of yummy food out of restaurants too~

Kenny: I want To Go HOME!!!! ARGH...

nic: There is express bus straight to Kluang by KKKL, Johor Super (metro?) - at platform 17, S&S International and Orkid Bus. Aiyah, next time wanna come let me know. I can bring u around =) Promise!

sc said...

didnt visit Kluang railway coffee the last time i went back..this is the one in city centre right? they moved from Kluang Train station already...

JOjo said...

SC: Nope Nope. This one is still in the Railway STation. The one in the city centre doesn't taste as nice as the railway station and is more expensive, so i always stick back to the original shop =) Love it a lot!!!

ai wei said...

these would be the best breakfast ever!

would love to drop by some day!

J2Kfm said...

eh, I love the chain of Kluang Station Kopitiam all over KL. somehow I find their toasts better than Old Town Kopitiam, though I'm a Ipohan. =P

AZIZAH said...

I visited the cafe twice last Friday and Saturday. Gorged myself with the roti buns which were oozing with kaya and slapped thickly with butter. Overdosed myself with the Kopi O too. The nasi lemak disappeared after six mouthfuls. Sambal damn shiok! Nostalgic experience, down memory lane.