Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm so sorry folks

Dear Fellow Friends and Bloggers,

This blog has been long abandon but i didn't realise that there are still people reading my blog...
Or at least waiting accidentally link to my blog??? =p hee...


I will try to revive it ok? No promise. Try.

A change of life since my FYP.
I have never have another second to stop and have a moment for myself. So my blog blog suffers. *ok, blog blog cos it always sound cuter when u double the words like boy boy, girl girl...haha*

Even when i have little time to do things i like, i am still very very awesomely blessed by God.

Apart from that, yes, i want to revive my blog.
But please wait, cos i will be sitting for anothere exam next Wed.

So please wait...

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