Sunday, March 1, 2009

汉拿山韩式烤肉,Viva Shopping Centre.

Sometimes you just have to spend a little time
With the precious one
No matter how little time you have
You will never regret

Coming to my place all the way
Just to rescue my little Lenovo
When its owner was a total moron
When it comes to computer

Seafood Rice Cake RMB36
Time passes by quickly
And we missed our lunch
Seafood Rice Cake it meant to be
With mussels, clams, prawns and squids

Fried Chicken Cutlet 
This little dish was surprisingly yummy. A fried dish that caught the heart of Karen. And it was complimentary. I should be on diet but one went down my throat, anyway. 


A typical Korean must have cold dish. Simple. Nothing to shout about.

Spinach wih glass noodle

A not-so-Korean dish i think. This dish is being served in other Chinese restaurant or even small noodle shop. But again, it's complimentary. So... just eat what is being served.

Pork Jelly

For people like me, who doesn't like pork and any fat and lard that come together with it, you will be surprised that this is actually pretty good!!!!!! And when you see so many exclaimation mark from me, you know it's good! And fyi, pork jelly is good for ladies. It's high in collagen and protein and full of goodness for ladies complexion. So incorporate Pork Jelly into your weekly diet.

Korean-style Fermented Soy Bean
A dish that reminds me of the Malay tempeh. Chewy and full of flavour. An interesting started i should say. The more you chew into it, the more flavourful it becomes. 

Garden Salad
And of cos, men need their daily dosage of vegetables before the arteries are being blocked by what we are going to have....

This meant for us to clear our tongue in the midst of eating....

Beef Platter RMB 168
To have a whole plate of beef from different parts of the cow to just the two ladies, hmm.... It's difficult not to get "rounder" each day just to portrait how fortunate or "hock hee" i am. Haha... And the beef in brown was the best that night! I bet there is wagyu beef somewhere...Somewhere... 

Varieties of Roots RMB18

And there it goes on the charcoal stove....Sizzling sound... Aromatic smell... The smoke was removed immediately by the little exhaust on top.

And the best thing of all, you don't need to do the BBQ yourself. The waiters and waitresses will do it for you. One waiter per table. Woohoo~ And there were instances that i had to slow down the waitress cos there was still too much food in my plate. *lol* and oh boy, it was the first down i had so much beef at one go. I used to be a "hindi" when i was back in Malaysia cos i don't eat beef. Yucks. But beef in China is nice! Yummy! Tender! hehe... and Korean style BBQ is even better. They are really good in marinating and BBQ's their meat. And i'm loving it~

Complimentary Sweet Porridge

Complimentary ice-cream
This ice-cream seemed simple but it's extremely milky and yummy.  Not too sweet like Baskin Robbin though BR remains as my fav. *bleah*
So my dinner treat ended.
With complementary fruits.
Drown with pear juice.
And oh wow, i can feel the cow swimming in my tummy.

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