Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Busy is not a very good excuse for my absent in blogging when i can make this.


I sacrifice 2 nights of sleep to make V day gifts. Golden Photoframe for my dearie in Hall, QQ and best'est roommie, Ting Ting. I've made one for myself too~ Because i never use spray paint before, needed one to test it out. So i made myself a Valentine's Day gift too. *wink*

Spraying unevenly is inevitable. I couldn't help it. Beginner in using spraypaint. In the course of preparing my V day gifts, thanks Ting Ting for getting the spraypaint for me (of cos, i didn't tell her what i was doing) and Mr. Taz for helping me to develop photos.

Love is all around NTU. Couples are highlighted with bouquet of flowers. Helium-filled balloons seem to be everywhere too. Unexpected stalk of pink rose was what i got for V day. What about you?

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