Friday, February 15, 2008

May Tip Thai Food Restoran@Bukit Mertajam, Penang


During my previous visit to the Northern Part of my beloved country, i had the chance of going into Penang island during the crazy period, just before Christmas. I felt like, "WOW! The whole world is heading to little Penang Island!!!" We wanted to take the ferry but the jam was like...Hmm...I shall not talk about it. It was beyond my imagination. Anyway, we used the Penang Bridge which we were caught in a jam too. At least 10 cars broke down at the entrance of the bridge (just after the toll) due to over-heating which worsen the jam.

But anyway, i didn't want to talk about the jam. I'm not going to tell you about why we went to Penang in the first place. If you know what we did there, you probably would knock on my head *real hard*!

This is about FOOD!!! About authentic yummy-licious THAI food~ Just before we got caught in the never-ending traffic congestion.

Located at Bukit Mertajam, at the small town area, hidden among the double-storey shophouses, who would thought of finding gems there?

Yup, i never thought of it either. But i found it, real GEMS! Glorious Thai Food. *drool*


Mixed Variety Savouries RM 12

Anyone who's a lover of Thai food should know this dish very well. Served as a starter, it resembles the Salad in Western cuisine. Roasted Peanuts, dried shrimp, freshly chopped ginger, onion, lime (all in small cubes) and cili padi served with roasted dessicated coconut. It is to be eaten by dipping the specialty sauce after wrapping the ingredients with the leave. One can add the ingredients according to one's taste. The trick is, include everything! Anything less (like minus-ing the ginger) will somehow loses its taste. I love mine with lots of cili and sauce! Spicy and sweet at the same time, it sends me straight up the rooftop! Whee~


Green Mango salad RM 12

I couldn't escape the fact that i love Thai green mango salad but this came as a disappointment. The taste of the dried shrimp is over-powering. It has got the fishy-smell, probably due to the same reason. The green mango isn't that crunchy and doesn't have the sourish taste. Although i love the taste of dried shrimp, but too much just spoilt it all.


Seafood Tom Yam RM 20

As the waitress served us with this pot of Tom Yam, we though we couldn't finish. Served in the traditional chinese steamboat pot, the portion is big, broth is sweet and thick with lots of fresh big succulent prawns, squid, thickly-sliced fish, tomatoes and onions. We drank to the very last bit of the soup. We almost wanted to turn over the pot and shake it all out.Haha...


Pandan Chicken @ RM 1.40 each

I don't know whether Pandan Chicken originated from Thailand but it's a highly sought after dish when it comes to Thai Cuisine (just like Thai Fish Cake). Well-marinated Tender Chicken wrapped with Pandan Leaves, grilled over charcoal fire, infusing the aromatic Pandan smell to the chicken, dipped with sweet and sour Thai Chilli sauce, perfect! Except that i don't know charcoal fire is involved here and it came soaking with oil, or honey? I simply didn't know. But it was well-marinated, it was tender, it was pleasing to my palate, these were all i knew.


Otah-Otah RM 12

This came as another big surprise, a negative one. Its portion was big & looked delectable. Nope, looks can be deceiving. It is a soft otah, way too soft and without texture. Probably too much santan (coconut milk)? One can find fish meat and prawns in it but it wasn't fresh. You can only get the strong lemongrass smell and nothing else. Not recommended. Utterly disappointed.


Stir-Fried Kai Lan with Siew York RM 12

In order to have a balance diet, one must include greens. It is a source of fiber, Vit K (exists in green leaves veg) which is important in blood coaagulation, minerals and anti-oxidant. So we had Kai Lan with the tender lean Siew York as the highlight of the dish. Even for a non-pork lover like me would shout out loud, "The Siew York is delicious!"

I was eyeing on the dessert of the day which was the Thai Red Ruby which is only available on weekends but i was stuffed to my max. Who said we have a 20% capacity for dessert no matter how full we are??? I think i had just used up all my space for dessert. Mind you, there were only three of us and all the dishes were whipped clean, most of it by me, of cos.

A big THANK Q to Aunty June who drove us to Penang despite the hot sun & expected jam & bringing us around for good food. But your company is actually the best part of the whole trip. *Hugz*

May Tip Thai Food Restaurant No.28, Lebuh Keranji, Taman Mutiara, 14000 Bukit Mertajam. Penang. Malaysia

Tel: 04-5399910 HP:012-4333910

Operation hours: 11.00am-3.00pm (lunch) 6.00pm - 11.00pm (dinner)


alexander said...

Sorry I can't help myself from commenting on your blog. The food that you are covering looks so good and unusual.

Nice photos! Well done!

Alex's World! -

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nice mieng kam! its been ages since i had pad thais and curries?

wmw said...

Hi Jojo...thanks for dropping by. Your pic of the otah-otah also deceived me the way it deceived you. Hahaha!

celine said...

Mixed Variety Savouries - the "meng kam" make me think of good old times with my colleague...She always bring us Meng Kam as snack during our tea time.

JOjo said...

Alexander: Thanks! *blush*
Joe: Haha, there were only three of us. So there were only this much space in our stomach
wmw: Thanks for dropping by too~
Celine: So the mixed savouries is called Meng Kam?

Tummythoz said...

Obviously I drop by here late but hey, better late than never. I'll be back. Oh, fyi think my Thai food experience in BM was way better. Check this out:-

JOjo said...

Tummythoz: Really? Would love to try if u r willing to lead the way the next time i visit Penang =p