Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lunch @ Ah Cheng Bistro

Home coming,
that's where i am longing......
For some breath-taking,
to where i belonging......

Lian Seng Foodcourt or also known as Suria Foodcourt

A few streets away from the bus station,
Waiting for "the lunch" instruction,
With the phonecall i just returned,
That's where my dad asked us to station......

Thunder Tea Rice/"Ham Cha" @ RM3.00

Two bowls of "thunder tea" rice were on our table,
for the two ladies who were very sober,
Fiber and Minerals, a bowl of soup included,
at the price of RM 3, is this the healthiest meal in the world?

"Uncle, ADD SOUP pls...." at the cost of one dollar RM1 sahaja,
All you gotta do is to go there and order.
Bits of crunchy peanuts & crunchy vegetables,
Being a Hakka, is my honour.

A Stall that has been around for a long long time...

Daddy was wondering,
What he should be eating.
He did the ordering,
Even without thinking!

Yong Tau Foo, minimum order of RM3 inclusive of rice/choice of noodle

Not the Ampang Yong Tau Foo,
But is Mr.Zhang's Yong Tau Foo,
Not to try, you're a fool,
Cos it tastes very good too~
Located at:
Lian Seng Garden,
Behind Lian Seng Market.
86000 Kluang,


sc said...

this YTF is one of my fave! it has a distinct flavour that's trademarkly his. delish. long time ago, before he was in lian seng, he operates with a pushcart, at a small lane next to a cinema (now converted to Seng Heng). oh the nostalgia! haha

JOjo said...

SC: Really? I didn't know that. He moved to a couple of shops before he finally settled down in Lian Seng. U from klg too? Whee~ =)