Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Plus One Shabu Shabu @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Late breakfast, snacking here and there resulting us having lunch at almost 3pm. Hmm...But i kind of like this kinda lifestyle. My tummy grows but it does not growl... *wink* A lifestyle of Tai Tai that i'm looking forward...


Looking around at the "interactive directory" again, couldn't make up our mind what to eat. *what the heck, don't understand the machine at all!!! Too high tech~*

We were actually heading to Jack's Place because we saw they were providing set lunch promotion which was priced reasonably. On our way, mum saw this steamboat shop served individually. She was attracted to it. So we had steamboat in the afternoon instead or plain western.


Mixed Set 杂锦锅 @ RM 12.90

We ordered a mixed set which include the soup. Mum chose the Fish Head Soup. If you are ordering ala carte, you will need to pay for the soup. For set lunch, you can only choose between Winter Veg Pork Soup, Teow Chew Salted Veg Soup, Fish Head Soup and Ma La Soup. There are a few more variety of soup like TomYam but it is not included in the set lunch. The mixed set includes 2 prawns, 2 scallop, some fish, chicken & pork, beancurd skin aka Fu Chok with fishpaste, 2 crabsticks, a few miserable leaves of cabbage & 2 tiny weeny slices of pumpkin, an egg and one big ee-mee.

I'll not post the pic of the soup as the picture turned out to be foggy. Hungry girl wanted to fix her stomach than to take good pics. *giggle* But mum's soup came with many chunks of fried fish head. Nice!

I ordered Teow Chow Soup @ RM 6.00 which was the salted veg soup with toufu & tomatoes. It was salty but it meant to be that way. I shared the ingredients from the mixed set with mum topped with Tong Hou Veg. What's that in chinese, i don't know the PinYin so i can't type it out. So sorry. Anyway, it looks like this...


Tong Hou Vege @ RM 5.00

Overall, the ambience of the restaurant is good and you'll get free-flow drinks with the choice of Nestea Greentea or Ice Lemon Tea. Furthermore, Jelly-O will be served when you have finished youe meal. Service staffs are pretty attentive and the price is very reasonable. All set lunch are priced between RM 12.90 - RM 15.90 only.

If you are there, don't know what you want to eat, can try this restaurant. It's worth trying.

Plus One Shabu Shabu
Lot F337-338, 1st Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel: (03) 77253322
Fax: (03) 77256322


daphne said...

good value and healthy too! 1 Utama has alot of good stuff huh!

JOjo said...

Daphne: Yea, 1U got lots of good food =)

FooDcrazEE said...

loads of 1U thingy.....u must be from nearby. . . . lolz.

The makan in 1U is good eh ?

sc said...

walked past this restaurant many times..never thought of trying. think it's time to try :)

JOjo said...

Foodcrazee: Haha, not la.Not staying in Selangor. But 1U remains as one of my fav hang out place. Makan wise, not bad.Lots of selection =)

SC: Yup, if it wasn't my mum, i wouldn't have chosen this restaurant either. But pretty worth trying.

Hazza said...

Lunch menu sounds good value. Thanks for the tip. Will try it soon when in town.

Nic (KHKL) said...

quite affordable set lunches...glad you chose this instead of jack's place..i mean, jack's is available in sg..hehe...

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

1utama is getting crazy
open so many nice restaurent
since i came to UK here ><
Thanks for posting so many good reviews of foods in Malaysia.
Will try it when i get back...

JOjo said...

Hazza: Yea, finally coming back to M'sia?

Nic: Haha, it was my mum's choice though... I just follow suit...

Jerome: Yea, M'sia got lots of good food.Not just 1 U,hehe.