Sunday, March 9, 2008

Auntie Anne's @ 1 Utama (New Wing)

On boxing day, my mum & i went gai-gai @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

It was the second time my mum is here after its expansion few years ago. It was still new and many shops weren't open at new wing then. So it was a "WOW" for my mum and we, Yup, it's "We" have difficulty locating the shops with its new interactive directory. Maybe i'm just not so IT-savvy??? It was my first time using too. An advanced technology but hmm... Maybe 1-U is just too big.

We reached 1-U around noon and we had a dinner appointment at 8pm at The Curve with mum's ex-colleagues some 20+ yrs ago. Both of us just wanted to take things slow and easy for the day. No rush, No rush for the last day in KL. Just wanted to have some mother-and-daughter time together *wink*

Since we had a light breakfast before we left Uncle Vincent & Aunty Ling's place, so we had...


Pretzel @ Auntie Anne's RM 4.00

Located at Lower Ground at the new wing, its location is not to be missed. Right beside Cinnabon, we had a pretty hard time deciding which to eat. Pretzel shall it be. So it was, Almond Pretzel with Chocolate dip. Dipping is free of charge for every pretzel purchased but extra dipping costs an additional RM 1.00. Both of us love the freshness and the chewy texture of Auntie Anne's pretzel. The almond bits turned out to be my mum's favourite. Slightly caramelised almond was crunchy and it complemented the chewy texture of the pretzel perfectly!

Btw, you can find many Auntie Anne's branches all around in Singapore but i never patronise any of them. Back in Malaysia, even it is priced at RM 4, i would still buy.... Because... It's cheaper than Singapore!!! Lol..

A snapshot in Padini Concept Store. A deco i like a lot and i love the Mini Cooper in red!!!


Isn't it interesting for a red mini to appear in a store? Cool eh?


yammylicious said...

i'm Auntie Anne's LOVER!! jus delicious~ slurp!!
nice blog u hv =)

daphne said...

I love the sour cream version!

Hazza said...

I like those pretzels. Always have them when in Malaysia. Amazingly, hard to get in the UK! Every such outlet closed within months. Maybe to do with price.. the basic ones usually cost over ukp2 here.

Jackson said...

i love their lime juice so much!!

Tummythoz said...

Only that for lunch? That dinner must be real sumptious. Your mom must had so much fun showing off her precious doter to old friends.

Nic (KHKL) said...

never had makcik anne before in sg..perhaps there are much more interesting snacks around...oh, i didnt know it's cheaper in malaysia..hehe...

JOjo said...

Yammylicious: *high five* me too, love it!

Daphne: Is it good? never try it before. I'm a nut lover.

Hazza: I bet that's because the bread & pastries in UK are much better than simple pretzel. So no demand = no supply. All shop closed down,haha!

Jackson: Yea, Freshly squeeze lime juice. What can be better than that? *wink*

Tummythoz: Haha, we actually had late lunch instead. And of cos, a sumptuous dinner. Will blog about it soon~

Nic: Interesting snack in SIngpore??? Got meh??? Got meh? Info pls~

Nic (KHKL) said...

old chang kee?? lar, my fave is char siew polo bun from crystal jade :>

wmw said...

I have two faves here, either the savoury sour cream onion or the sweet almond with caramel dip. Depends on my mood :o)

JOjo said...

Nic: Heard so much of the Bo Luo Bun fr crystal jade.But never get to try. Should go get some.I like their bread~

wmw: seems like sour cream is a fav of many. Should try it soon.Yeah,i love the sweet almond too.