Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kahang Pau @ Night

Kahang is a small town, located at the outskirt of Kluang.

It's a town with just a street of double-storey shophouses and some housing estate. One couldn't believe in why so many banks swamp there to open their branches. Probably that's the attraction of a town rich in oil palm plantation.

Wild animals are commonly found in the restaurants in Kahang. Wild boar? Deer meat? Little cutie squirrel? Too common? Or would you like some bats? Crocodile? Or some exotic animals like tiger meat or bear palm? You name it, and it will be served on your dining table in no time.

But this is not what i wanted to introduce. What i wanted to introduce is this.


The man behind the scence, selling the yummylicous Kahang Pau

"A scene i'm so familiar with. A scene i miss. "

The uncle will always come at around 5+pm,just before 6pm to set up his little stall located at Jalan Lambak. Putting up the table, taking out the gas cylinder, stacking of the bamboo steaming tray and arranging the pau before he heads into heating up the pau and manning the stall for the rest of the night.

I've eaten the pau since young. During the late nights spent in my mum's office. Or just a pau for supper after attending church's prayer meeting. It holds my childhood memories.

He sells a varieties of pau. No too many though, but it's enough to appeal to customers like me. Reasonably priced for the yummy tasting pau, he has many regulars as well as customers who would just stop at the side of the stall to get a few of it.

Peanut Pau, Red Bean Pau, Kaya Pau, Veggie Pau are all priced at RM1 while my favourite of all time Lian Rong Pau (Sweet Lotus Paste Pau) is only selling at 70cents. Small Pau or Little Meat Pau and Char Siew Pau are priced at RM 1.20 and Big Pau is RM 2.30. He also sells Nor Mai Gai which is Steam Glutinous Rice with chicken and it is priced at RM 2.30.

"Never really treasure those days. It seems so common. So plain you might say. "

But now, i missed the chance of holding the warm pau in my hand, especially on a cold rainy night. Or what i miss the most is the pau bought by my dad & mum? I seriously don't know.

"Chewing on the handmade bun with piping hot filling, happiness filled my heart."

Then now i resorted to eating Kong Guan Pau in Singapore, which you didn't need to peel the skin off. (FYI, you can't get to peel it off anyway. It just stucked to the bun itself) And the bun has no texture at all =(


A Simple Peanut Pau that can bring a smile to my face

It was a joy when i managed to patronise his stall last friday when i was back in Kluang. I insisted that i want to buy a pau despite my family were going to have dinner right after that. The child in me was calling out for the familiar food that i missed when i was in Singapore. I wanted to get Lian Rong Pau but uncle said it wasn't hot yet. So i resorted to another fav of mine, peanut pau! The texture of the pau was just so right, soft yet chewy, with the sweet roasted peanut filling. Sugar grains were found in the filling and it added to the flavour and made the filling a little crunchy.

"And this is one of the things I missed, from my beloved town of Kluang...."

"Sometimes, enjoying the simplicity of life can be a form of happiness..."

Located at:
125, Jalan Lambak
86000 Kluang,Johor.

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lingzie said...

wow this pau looks really good! i must go ask my bro's gf (kluang's her hometown) if she's had this pau before! :)