Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home-made Pasta


Homemade Fusilli with Brinjal & Capsicum in Simple Tomato Sauce

A ticket to JB - RM 7.50
A phone call - RM 0.30
A plate of homemade pasta - Priceless

Sounds familiar? Haha, yup. The time spent with my brother in his humble-rented apartment with three handsome-bachelor residents. It was indeed priceless. *wink*

I was referring to the time spent with my brother as priceless, What are you thinking ??? Hah. It was a surprise visit to my brother.

It wasn't meant to be a visit.

Actually i was on my way back to Singapore while transiting at JB. Being too bored, i decided to give a call to my beloved brother in JB to tease & tempt him of all the good food i had at home, including "telling" him i "ta bao"=packed homecooked food from home to bring back to Sg. He, happily mistaken me sending homecook food for him. It was a bit complicated and I also didn't know how i ended being fetched by him at Larkin & the next thing i know i was already at his rented apartment, 1km away from Larkin. *my bro kept emphasized "my place is only 1KM away from larkin"*

Homecooked pasta was what he managed to whip up to welcome my first visit to his place.

My brother dotes on me a lot. All the little gestures showed it all.

Capsicum, brinjal & a handful of fusilli were all he had. Added with lots of love of a brother for extra flavour.

A bowl of Campbell Soup was all I can offer, using whatever that was leftover.

Mum's cooking is still the best! "Stainless-steel Pot Chicken" is what I meant. Well-marinated and full of flavour. Having it for 3 meals in 3 days was not bored at all.

At the end of the day, my brother was robbed by his little sister of his starbucks voucher.

It will be our next date. I promise...... together with mum & dad, hopefully...


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

what a bro! my youngest bro gave us all a surprise when he flew in last night from Singapore to vote in the election today. we had a great time strategizing about the voting so that our family's votes will not be split. love ny bro too :))

nice blog, can i ask, as i always do when i meet a Singaporean foodie, where do u get the best Singapore laksa??

JOjo said...

Terri:Haha,gd Q's but i don't have any slightest idea cos i rarely go out for food hunt in Sg.Cos my schedule for lesson is just too packed. *not many makan kaki too*

PS: Pakcik Nic,if u happen to see this,you know what to do right? *hint hint*

Jun said...

jojo: hello jojo! thx for hopping over to my site. i gather u're a msian working in spore eh? yes i agree, homemade pasta (or any kind of food) is priceless :)

JOjo said...

Jun: Hi Jun!Haha,M'sian working in Singapore? almost but not yet =p Im like u, still studying =) Hehez.

Jackson said...

yooo... when can i try the priceless pasta??

Nic (KHKL) said...

aiyoh, i am so tired of larkin lar...i'm there almost every weekend...nothing nice to eat somemore :< dont, you think so?

JOjo said...

Jackson: Haha, when you want to eat,nudge me. Gladly available upon request.

Nic: Ya la.Larkin for me is touch n' go place. Sometimes i do popby@Dunkin to grab a few doughnuts. Love their Choco Pudding Doughnuts~

Anonymous said...

Hello there, nice pasta, keep them coming yeah!