Monday, March 17, 2008

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)

After a long day walking around in 1-Utama, mum wanted to go back to Uncle Vincent's place to take a shower before the last appointment with her ex-colleagues from the bookstore at 8pm.

It was 6.20pm and it was raining heavily. The long queue at the taxi stand was such a turn off. We probably need to wait for half an hour before we could hop into any taxi.

Bringing mum to a Char Chan Teng seems like a good idea. Let her rest her tired feet with some sweet bites seemed like the best solution.

I saw Wong Kok Char Chan Teng from the corner of my eyes when we were purchasing some gifts at Watson's. Its location was pretty hidden by the Nicole's Booth set up right in front of the shop. So we walked straight or to be exact, dragging our tired-self by walking slowly but directly to the shop from the taxi stand, without being distracted by anything.

I was still feeling very full from the Steamboat lunch. But the extensive and attractive menu fulfilled its purpose *lol* I was tempted. Extremely tempted. I ordered Banana Waffle with a scoop of ice-cream. 我敗給了美麗誘人的照片。。。*bang head, stupid menu*


芝士面包布丁 Peach & Cheese Bread Pudding @ RM 5.50

Mum ordered the bread pudding. She opted the sweet bread pudding (Wong Kok offers savoury bread pudding *roll eyes* ). Anyway, this bread pudding turns out ok. Served with two thick slices of peach, the bread pudding was covered with a very thick layer of cheese (Mozzarella cheese, if i tasted correctly). My mum liked it, but i still couldn't associate cheese with bread pudding. Maybe i was still in the era of egg+raisins+milk version of bread pudding. But taste wise, it was pretty ok. Bits of peach can be found at the layer of egg custard with trace of peach flavour. I supposed Peach Syrup was added.


香蕉淇淋夹饼 Banana Waffle with Single Scoop Ice-Cream @ RM 6.90

A little disappointed. First of all, i was expecting a light and crisp waffle. But it turned out to be soft and dense. Maybe its Hong Kong style? Secondly, i was looking forward for more banana on the waffle served. For the seven slices of banana, i could get one more scoop of ice-cream with the same price.

Mum had a cup of hot Hong Kong Style Yin-Yang 港式鸳鸯@ RM 2.50 but she claimed that the taste of tea overpowered the coffee. *Shrug* I thought it was decent. I had a cup of almond drink with egg white 杏仁蛋白露@ 3.80. Lovely. Smooth and aromatic. But too little egg white.

*No picture, cos too busy enjoying my almond drink *slurp*

Nontheless, it was an enjoyable time to dine with my dearest mummy.

It satisfied me.

Not the food.

But the look of my mum enjoying what's on the table.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng
Lot F225, 1st Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ
Tel: (03) 77108611


Kenny Mah said...

How weird. I'm leaving office now and heading to Wong Kok in SS2... and reading your review, I know what NOT to order... hhahaah


"Joe" who is constantly craving said... office cant access frenster..thus no pics!!! haha at least i wont be hungry after visiting your site..

fatboybakes said...

hmmm, idea wise, its quite a good idea, peach and cheese bread pudding. should be quite yummy what.
but generally food at these char chan tengs are quite horrible.

squall said...

oh...wong kok also serve bread pudding...

JOjo said...

Kenny: Haha, this is personal opinion. U might want to opt for the sake of trying??? Hehez...

Joe: Weird, how come ur office cant access friendster? They try to avoid letting their employees to slack too much with their pc? *bleah*

FFB: I associated cheese with pizza and savoury stuff like pasta. Old mindset dies hard. Oops. But i do agree the combi was quite good =)

Squall: Yup, surprisingly they do serve bread pudding. Welcome to my humble blog =)

ai wei said...

i have tried out their cheese bread pudding and like it a lot. but jz a little bit sweet to my liking...

Big Boys Oven said...

wow you must have a big appetite! :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

i would have preferred something more local like kuih n all but then again, char chan tengs have comfy chairs and friendly service :)

JOjo said...

Ai Wei: I have sweet tooth. But too much cheese for me.
BBO: Big appetite? I think my appetite is doubled or tripled when im in M'sia. In singapore, my friend says i eat like a cat does.
Nic: Yea, it's the ambience and a good place to rest our tired legs from all the shopping *wink*

daphne said...

another place at 1utama.. looks like that place has lots of good eatery places!

Jun said...

no offence but the pudding looks a bit weird and the waffle looks dry fr the pic. but i agree, most imp thing is spending time w mommy dearest :)

team bsg said...

yeah ! eating out with dearest mommy is surely special ...

ling239 said...

hmm.... heard so much bad review about this place and i have yet to visit them, but the one is SS2 seems to be more popular ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

i love waffles! Ha

JOjo said...

Daphne: Yea, Wait till u come back then you can see for urself =)

Jun: I got a fair bit of shock when i first laid my eyes on the served bread pudding. *lol* But peach did went well with it. waffles~Shall not comment =X

Team BSG: ToTally agree!!!

ling239: SS2 outlet? never try b4 wor...

ladyironchef: I love waffles too! I love pastry la... But i don't think u wanna try this =p