Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant @ Bugis Junction


Bugis, located at the central of Singapore. Besides the buzz during weekends which is a killer, i still couldn't find another reason why i would choose to go here.

"3 years, 5 visits. I considered this as a record. "

So when it comes to food, the overwork auditor who works around the area recommended this place. We, a bunch of innocent-looking, stomach-growling young adults headed to this place after quite a while of you-know-what-reason-that-make-one-late waiting.


Located at level 2 of Bugis Junction, the escalator besides swenson sends you to the doorstep of the restaurant. Walking into Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, i felt as if i have walked into another Crystal Jade branch with better lighting (some CJ's branches have poor lighting which affect my pics). With the familiar wooden chairs and tables, we were comfortably sitted at the far end of the restaurant.


Pickles were served while we were flipping through the menu. The pickles were sour and pungent yet delicious. The cabbage and carrot were crunchy and full of flavour, a very refreshing starter.


Steamed Bun with Glutinous Rice 糯米烧卖 (3pcs) @ $4.20

It looks great on the menu, but the taste was just so-so. Nothing special and i didn't want to waste my calorie on it. Comment was based on JimJIm's feedback.


Abalone Mushroom Noodle 鲍汁菌菇面 @ $7.50

The noodle got nothing to shout about except for its soup. The soup was a very clear, subtly flavoured abalone soup with a hint of flavour derived from the thinly sliced leeks. Served with sliced abalone mushroom, it was the carb-source when your meal was protein laden, or should i say, pork-filled? *bleah*


Golden Fried Rice 黄金炒饭 @ $8.50

They said, " Name reflects one's appearance & personality".

Served with generous amount of pork floss topping, each grain of rice was coated with reddish-golden colour. From the cooking oil, i supposed??? It remained as an unknown. I love fried rice served in such a way. Grains of rice separated. I couldn't stand sticky-clumpy-sore-to-the-eye fried rice. This is good stuff! The first mouth burst into sweet & spicy flavour before the taste of eggs and dried shrimp surfaced to the taste bud.


"What comes to your mind when you see a saucer or vinegar with shredded ginger?"


Steamed Soup Bun with Pork Filling 鲜肉小笼 (6pcs) @ $6.00

"YES, You're right! It's Xiu Long Bao!!!"


Steamed Soup Bun with Crab Roe and Pork Filling 蟹黄小笼 (6pcs) @ $11.80

Did i mentioned that i was fascinated by the menu? especially the xiu long bao or steamed bun section? They serve not one, not two, not even three, but NINE TYPES of xiu long bao!!!!!!

From pork filling, crab meat with pork to mushroom, vegetables to SHARK FIN CRAB ROE WITH PORK filling~ Talk about looks can be deceiving. If they try serving the whole range of xiu long bao, i wouldn't be able to differentiate what is what by its appearance.


There are two categories of Xiu Long Bao, and by the way, they call their xiu long bao as steamed bun here. Special steamed bun and superior grade steamed bun. Price ranges from $6.00-$12.00 for 6pcs. It's pretty reasonable.

Up till now, i've only tried Crystal Jade's xiu long bao. If i am given a choice, i probably will choose here? *uncertain* First of all, i'm not a pork person. When it comes to pork, unless it is sweet and sour pork by my aunty and stewed pork ribs by my dearest ma-ma, i normally would turn it down. I still couldn't get used to the taste and smell of pork though my grandpa was a butcher and my uncle still is one...

Secondly, i don't chew on pork dish. Again, back to reason No.1. Cos i couldn't take the smell. So i couldn't really recall the taste of the filling of the xiu long bao. One thing for sure is, its skin is thin yet able to hold the flavourful soup.


Spicy Steamed Soup Bun with Crab Meat and Pork Filling 香辣蟹肉小笼 @ $9.80

This gigantic steamed bun occupied the whole small bamboo steaming tray. A straw was served together and it was meant to eat, or better known as drink the "gems" using the straw.

"Be careful, it's very hot" said the waiter.

We heeded his advice. There were so much xiu long bao on the table so we didn't mind to save it for the last. Didn't they say "save the best for last"? Yea, this was what we meant.

No one eats the bao here. The whole bao was left intact for almost all of us, except for the two with high level of curiousity (me inclusive).*haha*

I'm glad i opened it up cos it revealed the gems: dried scallop, shredded crab meat etc which made the soup luscious and extremely sweet and rich. Full of flavour!!! It is like having a bowl of superior soup in the form of xiu long bao. Erm...It shouldn't be called xiu long bao, it should be Big Long Bao~ *grin*

Now i know where i would head to when i want some xiu long bao.

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
200 Victoria Street
#02-53 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188024
Tel: 65-68357577
Fax: 65-68357877


Nic (KHKL) said..., this is the place that you were telling me about, i guess...hehe...i thought nanxiang is somewhere near tiong bahru...ok, will check it out soon!

JOjo said...

nic: Yaya, this is the place that i mentioned the other time. Haha, not tiong bahru. I thought tiong bahru is famous for their Bao?

~Christine~Leng said...

you made me crave for xiu long bao now! :)
gonna have dinner early today ;P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i want to murder can u not like to eat pork??????

havent tried the 1 in kl yet..

JOjo said...

Christine: Yeah, tat's the ulterior motive of my post =p

Nic: *bleah* I dun like to eat pork, but i eat...It's the "sow" smell that i can't stand. Yea, i heard they have branches in KL too~

daphne said...

oh my! That's HUGE!! That's it.. it's going onto the list of "must go" in SG when I get back.

ling239 said...

hmm... but the one at The Curve over here is nothing great wor... XD

Xiu Long Bao said...

we are going this weekend for their xlbs!

squall said...

wah...must go SG to try it out!!!

JOjo said...

Daphne: Haha, come come!Go try it out. Definitely worth a try for the size =)

Ling239: I never try the outlet in KL. Probably the no QC in KL?

XLB: We should go for foodcrawl after my exam ok?

Squall: Nudge me if u ever come to Sg. Can bring you,hehe =)

Hazza said...

I have seen and heard so much about Xiu Long Bau, even on UK tv, but never had it. Gotta find somewhere that sells it - its a thirst I gotta quench!

Tummythoz said...

Not a pork lover? Good good. Book me a seat next to u if we do eat together.

Anonymous said...

did u know nan xiang xiao long bao is the restaurant that makes authetic xiao long bao? thats what i heard when i go shanghai

btw, my monthly gathering is at melvados cafe, next sun 6 april lunch. do let me know asap whether u can make it, send me a email to


JOjo said...

Hazza: Actually i never know what is XLB till im here in Singapore. My initiall thought was it's a kind of sweet bao/bun. Haha...

Tummythoz: U mean i can pass the pork to you? Hehez...

LIC: I've heard of it. It originated from Shanghai. Will let you know soon. =)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yummy! now i have an excuse to visit Singapore.

J2Kfm said...

wow ... so many times went to Spore but ate shopping center food mostly ..hmmm

Jun said...

a xiu long bao fan eh? next time go to the actual nan xiang in shanghai and sip the soup from the "big long bao" in winter-- one word: shiok!

ai wei said...

nice shoots n they are tempting!!! u made me craving for these. aiks...

JOjo said...

Terri: Come Come~ Always welcome here =)

j2fkm: Haha, i only discover this place after my friend's recommendation.

Jun: Not a fan. Just that XLB is pretty nice and something i can't get in Kluang, my hometown.

Aiwei: Haha,thanks! Still have lots of room for improvement for my photography skill.